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Paedon Brown Breaks Silence On Status With Kody

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Paedon Brown has had no trouble poking fun at the situation between dad Kody and mom Christine. It might be his way of dealing with the downfall of their twenty-six-year marriage. He often does comical TikToks and has his mother’s sense of humor. This is the exact same one Kody fell in love with when he courted Christine then married her two months later. Though Kody admittedly has a fractured relationship with Janelle’s sons, where does he stand with Paedon?

Paedon Brown Defends His Mother’s Honor

Viewers saw Christine Brown go through a lot in Season 15 and 16 of Sister Wives. She often felt like an outcast. This was interesting considering it was Meri who Kody was not invested in whatsoever. Christine openly admitted she did not feel wanted when she would show up at family functions. Eventually, it was just hard for her to even attend them on her behalf. She saw Kody having functioning marriages with other wives and wondered why they could not have the same connection.

Paedon Brown's Christianity Is Challenged In Latest Rant [Screenshot | TLC]
[Screenshot | TLC]
The truth was that she had learned to stand up for herself a handful of years prior and he did not care for that Christine. He preferred his subservient and obedient third wife. However, that woman was being drained dry trying to please everyone. He just would not acknowledge and respect her feelings. Finally, she was brave enough to see the road ahead was going to be lonely unless she took action. When she left Flagstaff for Utah, her load lightened in so many ways.

Paedon Brown Is Jealous Of Christine's Tree [Credit: Paedon Brown/Instagram]
[Credit: Paedon Brown/Instagram]
Paedon supports his mother and most recently poked fun at a one-liner she had during last season. When it was revealed that Robyn had a nanny, Christine boldly asked “what does the nanny do?” Paedon was gifted a shirt with that line and wore it on a TikTok. It went viral and he had to admit his mom may be stealing his new gift from him. He is in a great place with Christine but where does he currently stand with Kody?

Where Do Paedon And Kody Stand?

Kody has admitted he is not really speaking to his sons with Janelle, Gabe and Garrison. They truly took a stand against him and his behavior during the pandemic. His lack of awareness and not being present was a sore subject. Kody admits they will need therapy to get through it. As for Paedon Brown, he spoke to The Sun about his particular relationship with his father.

The twenty-three-year-old admits that it is “not great.” He went on to add: “I wish it was better. I don’t like putting up with the rules. It really got on my nerves that I wasn’t allowed to see my siblings because of Covid.” That was a plaguing issue for the family during the last two seasons. Though Robyn and her kids were very obedient, Janelle and Christine were considered the rebels.

Kody Brown Credit: TLC

Kody felt they made a mockery of his stringent rules while not being able to keep their children in line. They maintain they followed the CDC guidelines. No telling how they will mend their fences. Do you think Kody and Paedon can come through this stronger than before? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Kody was, is and will always be a jerk. He doesn’t deserve to have any of the family, except Sobyn and her kids.
    Poor excuse as a father. I have seen him turn his back on his kids time and time again when they really need him. You can’t fix stupid

    1. He’s a jerk, absolutely nothing charming about Mr Self-centered. Meri is an idiot staying with a man who flat out disrespected her in front of the Camera. Janelle should leave he disrespected her as well. I’m glad Christine left, how can you be spiritually married to a woman and not share your life. Really why does Robyn need a Nanny ? Neither her or Kody work. They live off the other wives along with her 3 grown kids from another marriage. Want to watch a bunch of abused wives in active tune in to this show

      1. They need to take this stupid show off the TV and put something better they talk about polygamy being fat I agree but there’s no way in now I would even watch this guy he’s a total jerk in the women that are with him are just very weak if they stay in that situation

  2. Kody and Robyn deserve each other. Didn’t see any of this happening before she arrived. Oh yeah and a nanny wtf. 2 grown adults can’t deal with the children,then why have them.

  3. It seems that he basically has nothing to do with any of his children, once they each reach 18 years of age. I never hear of him going to visit any of them. I’m sure that it must be heartbreaking for these children to feel as if they no longer have a father, when they’re not even out of their teens, yet. If I were one of his grown children, since he doesn’t seem to care, anyway, I would cut him loose.

  4. Kody needs to take his favorite wife Robyn and go away. Man up, pay child support to those that can receive it and be a master that Robyn has to obey(since in her words is that she gets along with him) and the others are defiant. The entire show was a farce….can’t stand him..

  5. Those women were ruled by a man who loves only himself and his penis. He wanted slaves, and then he wanted a queen. He had them. One ran away hopefully the other two will follow. The queen will be outshined soon with another queen and then she will be a slave.
    It never was love. Hope his new queen is not Robyn’s daughter. Sick people. Get well and move on and heal let Robyn and kody support themselves. He is no father figure for any child.

  6. Kody’s relationship with his sons really shouldn’t surprise anyone who has seen documentaries about the plural marriges out west. Granted, Kody didn’t marry children, but he seems to share the same feelings about grown male chldren. Once they start speaking up for themselves, fathers just want them out of the way. No competition allowed.

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