Christine Brown’s Reaction To Son’s Epic Diss To Kody

Christine Brown Credit: YouTube/Christine IG

Christine Brown’s kids are not ones to hold back when it comes to their father, Kody. Ysabel shared her frustration with him not coming to her scoliosis surgery. His response was he hoped she would not become a bitter housewife over it. He has also consistently referred to his children with his wives other than Robyn as “theirs” not “ours.” Fans were quick to notice this snafu and let Kody have it. Now, two more of Christine’s children have taken to mocking their father. Fortunately, it seems Christine is not fazed by it in the least.

Christine Brown Flees The Nest

Kody was really good at pushing his children away when the pandemic hit in early 2020. He decided he would be the only one to travel from home to home. However, each wife had to keep up with certain rules and standards. This meant no more than one person at the grocery store and the kids had to stay at home. For Janelle and Christine, this posed somewhat of a problem.

Christine Brown, YouTube

Janelle had two grown sons living with her. Gabe was in college and had a girlfriend so she knew he was still going to safely live his life. As for Garrison, he had graduated from the National Guard, was working and saving up for a home. In Kody’s mind, they should move out for the safety of the family. Where Christine was concerned, she had three at home, as well. More so, she had kids who lived out of state and was not going to stop traveling when it was okay to do so.

[Screenshots | YouTube]
Both wives were following the CDC guidelines but Kody had more stringent rules. They all got the typed-out list when Ysabel wanted to go over to Robyn’s and see her siblings. She could not but Christine learned a nanny had been hired for the home. That was when the infamous question of “what does the nanny do?” was asked. Eventually, as everyone saw, Christine and Kody’s marriage ended and she moved back to Utah. Now, two of her children have been poking fun at their dad and it has been interesting to see.

Kids On The Attack

Recently, Christine’s daughter, Gwendlyn had a fun post. She Googled her dad and up came “Christine Brown’s ex-husband.” In an interesting twist, she shared it on social media. Now, Paedon has taken to poking fun at Kody in a TikTok video. Apparently, someone sent him a package and the contents were just too good for him not to share.

Credit: Paedon Brown TikTok

Fans went crazy for the shirt and even said they were reading it in Christine’s voice. You can even get your own shirt like it here. As viewers may recall, the nanny was also the first person to bring COVID into the home. Everyone was in a panic but Christine and Janelle thought it was comical. Here Kody had been so worried about them being unsafe but it was an outsider he and Robyn had brought in who was the threat.

As for Paedon’s mother, Christine, she has her own thoughts on the gifted shirt. She loves it and wants to take it for herself. They are available for purchase and it appears the creator will be getting a lot of business from Christine Brown’s famous line.

What do you think of the Brown kids roasting their dad like this? Let us know and watch part three of Sister Wives: One on One Sunday on TLC.



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    1. The first mistake was Plural MARRIAGE. The second mistake was Mary divorcing Cody so he could marry Robyn (to adopt her kids). Only Robyn has dibs on Cody’s money now!
      All the gals should runes fast as they can to get far away from all this crap!!!

  1. Ok I don’t get it who wants to share a husband ! I see nothing great about Kody, does everyone think really this is the way to live ? I think all of these women deserve better. Do you like being told where, who how and when. Dump him !

    1. I completely agree who wants to share keeping one woman happy is hard enough and he have four dump him he is not all of that different strokes for different folks.

  2. Although I can see their frustrations, it is never okay for one parent to support disrespect of another parent. Period.

    1. Really? He deserves it! It’s not okay for a parent to drop their kids and to only love the ones by a favoured wife either!!

      1. I’m with you Jan. He clearly had his favorite and showed the entire world who it was. It’s ironic how he was so fanatically worried about his other children and family members spreading COVID, but the nanny was actually the culprit. It’s stupidity in his way of patenting that’s causing the strife and separation with his wives Janelle and Christine. Christine had her issues too and she’s not without blame, but Kody poured more gasoline on that fire with his irrationality in dealing with COVID. Now with all the revelations of what didn’t work regarding mitigation efforts and stupid mandates, that crow he’s eating tastes more like what comes out of that rear orifice of his….

      2. Kody is a loser! Is it any wonder that he likes Robyn best? They are both a bit mentally unhinged. I don’t blame his children for roasting him. Kody is the worst excuse as a husband, father and grandfather. He only cherishes Robyn’s children. Considering everything Ysabel and Truley have gone through you would think Mr. “I’m The King” would be drawn to those two children too.Ysabel with her back surgery and Truly when she got so sick she almost died.
        Kody doesn’t really care about ANYONE but himself. Every thing has always gone his way, because he’s the boss…until 2020. He really proved what an ass he is. He took those Covid rules he made beyond what the CDC required. His attitude ans behavior is finally pushing these wives away.Christine made the right move and left him. I hope Janelle follows what Christine did and leave him too! Meri needs to see the light at the end of the tunnel and know Kody won’t be there. Meri needs a new life too.
        Kody can be left with Sobbin Robyn and “their” kids. They are the only children he recognizes anyway. The other children seem to just belong to their mothers.
        Kody has won the award for Asshole of the Year.

        1. Kids is a creep. He never consoles anyone when they are down. So glad Christine and merry got away from him. It’s just a matter of time before he goes after a younger woman. Robin you are so fake and you and kody deserve each other. Good for all you kids. Happy for you. That man is crazy. Janelle should leave to. So long King kody

    2. Under normal circumstances I’d agree with you, but the fact that he doesn’t acknowledge any of the kids as his other than Robyn’s kids, that’s he’s spent very little time with the kids and the moms other than Robyn and her kids, that he couldn’t be there for a very serious surgery for his daughter and his only thought is “I hope she doesn’t become a bitter wife over this”, etc..I can’t say I blame any of the kids for feeling the way they do or for the moms to allow them the freedom to express those feelings freely. The only unfortunate part is I think the kids thought it would wake Kody up to what he’s been doing but all is done is fueled his book of reasons to be with Robyn’s clan only. The second she came into the “family” I saw an instant change in how he treated her over the others. Then when he had the balls to ask Mary to divorce him so he could marry Robyn “to be able to adopt her kids”, I knew that was the end of the rest of the moms and their children as we all saw.

        1. Poor Kody is losing control of his women. So funny when he can’t control his tribe. I’m the boss. Do as I say What a joke.

      1. I’m not a fan of Cody at all, but as I remember it, Meri offered to divorce him. She offered because Robin was in the middle of a divorce and her being legally married to Cody would help with child custody.

        1. That is exactly right. Meri gave up her married status, so Cody could legally marry Robin and adopt her children. I think he forgets that.

          1. Kody doesn’t care about what Meri thinks or feels. He a narcissist that is only out for what he wants. The ONLY reason that he favors Robyn is because she listen and does everything he wants.

      2. I agree 100% and Marry knew something was up but she wanted out herself that is why she agreed to the divorce and now she is gone. She finally saw what he was doing.
        m manipulating the spiritual aspect of it the spiritual aspect of itmanipulating the spiritual aspect of it

    3. Maybe Kody can’t handle many wifes any more, old, so he has found excuses to to avoid normal marrige life with many wifes after all. If no normal romantic life with wifes, they should leave and find a better man. Meri’s heart surely has been broken for years and he refuses to understand. Easy to switch for another wife and ignore rudely others. Luckily he himself has not have to be without sex. Not fair.

  3. This is so awesome!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Good riddance Kody. He’s a total loser and a complete jerk to his wives and kids.

  4. This is so awesome!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Good riddance Kody. He’s a total loser and a complete jerk to his wives and kids.

  5. I thought he was broke! Did all the wives have nannies? He turns on his children for another woman and her children! Has he ever worked?

  6. These kids are not babies anymore. They are reasoning thinking adults who recognize hypocrisy and double standards in their own family. They were not allowed to visit with each other yet the favorite wife got to have a nanny for two children when the other wives raised 6 with no nanny. A lot of time Christine was raising her 6+ Janel’s so that Janel could work for the family. She WAS the nanny. Kody was not there for his daughters surgery yet allowed a stranger into the favorite wife’s house. And the irony of it all is that the nanny ended up bringing Covid into the family so Kody tore family apart for nothing. It was so obviously just an excuse to spend time with the younger favorite wife. Those other 3 wives deserve .better

    1. I agree with you!! Janelle and Mary should free themselves, NOW!! They all deserve sooooo much better. Maybe in the beginning they “thought” they liked the life, now that they’ve been in it and seen a lot, I don’t think they truly, deep down, like it. At least Christine can admit now that, yes, she’s been jealous sharing her husband with others from the beginning and she’s smart to finally get out!!! I wish Christine and her children, great health and tons of happiness now and their future♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

    2. Amen. You said everything I was thinking. Robyn acts like she isn’t calling the shots and pretends to be upset, but it’s all an act or maybe she is really upset bc she is stuck w Kody alone now. I know that would send me over the edge. He is so arrogant and only wants to be a modern day Prophet and call it Polygamy.

  7. Kody should be ashamed of himself. I hope Christine finds herself a nice man that’s all hers.
    Meri should do the same, I mean how many ways does Kody have to tell her he doesn’t want her ? Ladies life is too short to share a man,,I dont care about your so called religion,,it’s all hogwash. It’s just a way for Kody to cheat and feel justified , well until he finally fell in love with Robyn,,she’s his real wife. So sad 😞

    1. Christine YouTube did the rigtig Thing.leaving kode.mery YouTube sound do the same.he only cares for Robin and their Kids.he is a Jerk.

  8. In the beginning I thought they had a special family. Never could stand Cody but liked the wives. I feel bad for Robin but from the beginning he favors her. I do not understand why she needed a nanny three adult children could help.

  9. I’m so like crazy over that t shirt What does the nanny do! I love it you Christine I agree with her letting her kids speak up to their so call dad
    He deserves it Christine don’t go back with kody you never go backwards you move forward only stay strong your loved

  10. If Kody was a respectable Father I would agree that it’s not best to disrespect another parent…..but in this case…..Kody & Robin are ridiculous in the way they have handled this whole situation….nothing respectable about either one of them. I take the shirt, which I think is hilarious, as a diss to Robin & Kody!!

  11. I love it! ❤️ Go Paedon!!
    Really, why does Robin need a nanny for the two youngest children? Christine cared for all of the children by herself when Kody, Meri and Janelle went to work. Didn’t she even homeschool them for a while to? I’d like to see Robin try to walk in those shoes for a day… Kody never gives Christine the credit she deserves for everything she did. The appreciation and loyalty the kids give her Kody resents and calls little cliques… I think he’s jealous of the kids loyalty to Christine, she is the parent that was always there for them. Janelle is the only Parent that acknowledges and appreciates all of Christine’s contribution’s to the family.

    1. Exactly well said 👏 I hope we get to see his kids express thier anger more as well. I hope they get to express their anger towards him and Robyn. Sobin Robyn should be taking care of her own kids not taking all these kids father from them it’s just sad. Again Robyn should really feel ashamed of herself and if she was any kind of woman and not a homewrecker likes she’s been she would walk away this family was so happy before her. I also think when Robyn and Kody went to Meri and asked her to divorce Kody so they could legally we’d so he could adopt kids that don’t belong to him I believe that was all a set up so when he does dump his family for her he won’t lose all this money made from the show and all the properties and all that he and Robyn walk out on top just sick

  12. The sister wives show cracks me up. That Kody guy, is truly an A-hole. He’s so disrespectful to the wives, who made him in charge. He treats Meri so bad, he says he can’t be intimate with her because she cheated on him, WTH! He cheated multiple times. He needs to go ladies. Plus I don’t think he’s worth wasting your time and energy on. That felt good to get out😤😃

  13. From day one when that show came on I couldn’t stand Kody. He always acted like he was so special and such a dream boat. The wives were always on the back burner. I don’t believe in plural marriages.this is the kind of havoc you get. I feel sorry for children involved, and grandchildren wives.. You are a self centered spoiled ass!! God be with all the wives and children involved. Robin your getting an awful piece of spoiled fruit!!!!

  14. My question is: why couldn’t KodyBrown take a shower Put on clean clothes fresh from the dryer put on a face mask and either shave the beard or put on something to cover it and give your daughter a hug and a kiss and tell her you love her instead of that that pathetic, well you’re not going to hod this against me right and keeping your 6 ft distance just before she headed off to leave for surgery. What a jerk!

  15. Kody got far far less than what he deserved. The 3 need to take their incomes and haul azz as fast and far as possible; file for child support on way out the door too; ladies! Why does TLC endorse the cruelty this small small man inflicts on his wives and children??

  16. I’m glad I don’t live under his rules! I hope his church doesn’t believe there’s no room for forgiveness!! When he thinks he is the only one right, why would they want him around. It’s all their fault he thinks! He never does anything wrong???? He’s nothing but a hypocrit!! I wonder what Robin will do when he finds someone to take her place!! Good luck Kody when you go to your heaven and no one’s there but you!!!!!

  17. Robin is such a fake. Kody said Robin was the ONLY one of the wives who sat her children down when she came into this family and told them ” They will respect and listen to Kody and all the moms”. Well dumbass Robin is the only one who came into this marriage with kids that AREN’T YOURS. The other wives didn’t come into this marriage with any kids they came into the marriage and you guys had kids together. All your kids wanted was their dad back because they missed you and you disregarded them and basically spit in their face. Shame on you!!! I hope Robin was worth you losing your 16 or 18 biological kids and grandkids. You deserve each other.

  18. Yay Christine! Leaving after he said no intimacy and expected you to stay! Now Meri it’s time to tell him you deserve more after what you did letting him divorce you for Robin. You and Christine deserve a good man.

  19. Cody is nothing more than a cult leader, and a lousy one at that! The LDS church does not sanction plural marriage. Cody is just another Jim Jeffries (sp ?) the one that went to jail! Run for your freedom ladies.

  20. I feel that Robin comming into the family caused most of the problems. She had nothing when she married kody divorced with 3 kids. Now she owns her own home and buys the best of everything

  21. Kody is a tool. He is reaping the respect he has earned. What his arrogant self fails to recognize is that all of America, his kids and his wives see the favoritism he has displayed for Robyn and HER kids. He says all these things, but his actions are to the contrary. He tries to blame everything on everyone else but he’s the only one to blame for his current situation. I still contend that this was his plan or desire all along, whether conscious or subconscious, to be with just Robyn. It’s pretty disgusting how he treats the other families. I feel sorry for all of his kids other than Robyn’s. But, they’re starting to see him for who he really is.

  22. Robin used this whole covid thing as a way to get Kody all to her self, what she’s been pushing for from the beginning. She’s so fake! That family was so happy before her and when she stepped in everything slowly went downhill. And why she get a bigger nicer house AND a nanny and none the other wives do? They have small kids and more kids than Robin so it really made me angry to see him taking such good care of Robing and 2 kids that ain’t even his and just abandoning his REAL family just horrible! I for the life of me don’t understand why Kody would get rid of 3 wives that was loyal and gave him beautiful big family and all the happy year for fake sobin Robin?! Wake up Kody! This whole season just made me so angry I’m angry for Christine Mary and Janelle and all their kids and how he just abandoned them. Robin should be ashamed of herself and the damage SHE caused!!

  23. Exactly well said 👏 I hope we get to see his kids express thier anger more as well. I hope they get to express their anger towards him and Robyn. Sobin Robyn should be taking care of her own kids not taking all these kids father from them it’s just sad. Again Robyn should really feel ashamed of herself and if she was any kind of woman and not a homewrecker likes she’s been she would walk away this family was so happy before her. I also think when Robyn and Kody went to Meri and asked her to divorce Kody so they could legally we’d so he could adopt kids that don’t belong to him I believe that was all a set up so when he does dump his family for her he won’t lose all this money made from the show and all the properties and all that he and Robyn walk out on top just sick

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