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Does Kody Brown Visit Truely, Christine’s Son Tells All

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Kody Brown made such a big deal about his strict pandemic rules for a few reasons. Two of them involved his children Solomon and Truely. When Truely was young, she almost died of kidney failure. He believed that any exposure to COVID could be detrimental to her health. However, he was not making any extra concerted efforts to be with her when the pandemic was happening. He was more concerned with being around his two youngest with Robyn, Sol and Ariella. Now that he is divorced from Truely’s mother, Christine, does he make time to visit her?

Kody Brown- Father Of The Year?

When the pandemic hit in 2020, no one really knew what the world was up against. For the Brown family, it was really hard to navigate. They had not built on Coyote Pass yet and all the wives were at a distance in Flagstaff. Kody believed the safest option was for him to travel from home to home. Yet the wives had to do their parts as well. They had to make sure the kids stayed home and were socially distanced from other people. He added in his concern for two of his children.

Credit: TLC/Instagram
Credit: TLC/Instagram

As a baby, his son with Robyn had RSV. So they were worried about Solomon’s lungs being put at risk. Furthermore, Truely almost died as a toddler due to her kidneys so he did not want her to become ill either. This was brought up a lot at first. Then it seemed Kody just considered Janelle and Christine irresponsible because they ended up traveling. As Christine noted, she had kids in other states she needed to see. Additionally, their daughter Ysabel had to get life-changing scoliosis surgery that could not wait. Kody would not attend.

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Janelle traveled to North Carolina to be with their daughter, Maddie as her baby Evie had major surgery before her first birthday. Some moments just could not be missed. Family meant more to some wives than a pandemic, a fact Gabriel brought up to his dad. Once Christine left Flagstaff and the family, she took Gwendlyn and Truely with her. So, does Kody even take the time to see his youngest daughter with Christine? Paedon Brown opened up about that.

What About Truely?

Christine and Truely had taken a long road trip with a stop in Flagstaff. However, there was no mention of Kody Brown anywhere on that trip. Paedon has no problem speaking about his somewhat strained and off family. As for Kody and Truely, he told The Sun his mom Christine wants to ensure Truely has a relationship with their dad. At this point, it seems both parties have to work together to make it happen.

Credit: Truely Brown IG
Credit: Truely Brown IG

Luckily, Christine is very close to Janelle so she can visit her and her kids while Truely sees her father in Flagstaff. Kody also has kids and a grandchild in Utah if he decides to head out that way. Do you think Kody will put in the effort to co-parent with Christine? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Kody barely acknowledged Truely the whole time she was growing up. The day she was born he was to busy kissing on Robyn to care. He left her for an 11 day honeymoon with Robyn when she was a few weeks old. Once Robyn had Sol he forgot Truely existed. Thankfully her older brothers stepped up to show her love. Christine did an awesome job raising that sweet little girl.

    1. I would really like to think Kody would stay in their life. But he is very selfish. He only thinks about what Kody needs. And that is having a marriage only with Robyn and her kids. I think he should stop playing with his other wives hearts and be honest about that. And please let them go and be happy elsewhere. They deserve to be happy to.

    2. Kody never seemed interested in any of his kids. He was the sperm donor and that was it. It’s hard to believe someone who had that many children can give each one the love they needed.

    1. Absolutely agree, never understood how the women tolerated his arrogant & dismissive behaviour…..it was never equally respectful & loving…

    2. I used to love this show. But its just a sad show where a narcissistic man can manipulate 4 woman, into having all these children just to show how virile he is. I highly doubt he’ll make any effort to stay in the lives of Christine’s children or Mari’s, daughter’s life. He really changed after marrying Robin. She seems the only wife he really wants. I think Janelle will be pushed out too.

  2. Nope. Kody has no intention of being a dad anymore to any children that are not the crier Robin. She has her dream of egotistical kody to herself. Goodluck.

    1. I was not there but u new this was a life style there could be any number of kids. Wives. Did you think he would have time for all of u. You could have left at anytime both of u created this. I think we all new a spinoff was on its way. So can bchrise trusted?

    2. What goes around comes around. Christine was Kody’s favorite wife before Robyn comes in marriage with Kody. Kody’s first wife Meri struggled with infertility issues, her legally divorce to Kody to marry fourth wife, Robyn, and her catfishing scandal that blow the couple’s romantic relationship. The other sister wives’ jokes about Meri, especially Christine.

      1. Oh lucky Kody soon he will only sobbin Robyn. See how he puts up with her bawling at the drop of a hat !!

  3. I don’t like Kody he is a dog he only think about Robin and that fake crying and he needs to drop u and leave these other go they need there happy ness not you
    You only care about you and for the wife’s you had they need to go court get child support you want to have them but not care for them you don’t need this TV show are you helping with the kids no only person gets anything is Robin bitch

  4. Kody in my words and opinion is like a pimp what would happen if he had to pay child support???? Robyn is fake and very selfish Kody is not a real dad he’s a baby maker and as far as being religious he’s a hypocrite. One day your eyes will open and realize that choosing Robyn will not last . Praise Christine and Janelle

  5. Christine was like a breath of fresh air for all them sister wives being she had a fun personality! Truely will do fine if she did not even see that much of kody anyways she most likely seen less of him in az.as well as utah. No difference in her life i bet! Truely is so sweet right now cant wait till she is way older bet she will have alot to say. The truth! Not kody truth.

  6. Used to live next door to their ‘compound’ in Las Vegas saw actual living evidence of this man’s selfish and narsicitic ways. When seeing him out with each wife it was very evident the favoritism of said wives. Kids in the neighborhood who went to school with some of their kids say the children all had to deal with his favoritism of them too.

  7. I’ve always felt that to a certain extent Kody didn’t treat his wives and children equally, but that became more apparent during covid. He lost me completely when he refused to go with Ysabel and Christine for Ysabel’s surgery. His child wanted him there and he didn’t go because of covid? He really needs to look at his priorities. Christine is so much better off without him. The nerve of him to take intimacy off the table and wonder why Christine left?

  8. Kody is an asshole. Christine is better off without him. If I never have to see Robyn and her phony tears again it will be too soon. Scrape Kody off like the piece of shit he is and move on. You dont need him.

  9. Why didn’t he mention this in the beginning ? Sounds like a after thought or grabbing at answers now. Why hasn’t he tried to visit Truely ? As he phoned her ?

  10. Of course he will. What a ridiculous question. You all realize we only see a snippet into their lives right?! And on this years tell all…Kody expressed alot. Definitely showed his perspective and that there is 3 sides to a story.

  11. Kody has said he doesn’t hold grudges, what about the catfishing he holds over Meri? This happened in 2015 and he is still bashing her. I don’t know about where you all live, but where I live here in ALABAMA THAT IS CALLED HOLDING A GRUDGE.

  12. The relationships will not work because that is not how God has designed our families to be here. Cody does not care for any one of the women he has taken intimacy off the table pretty much for 3 of them and and the thought that he would want to start over and have different women it’s crazy don’t know how any woman would want to go to you after you couldn’t get along with 3 women there’s a common thread That is the issue

  13. It seems like Kody thinks he is the end all. Sorry but he is a p****! I don’t believe he worked a day during the show. All the wives did, so why should he work? They all should leave and then sue him for child support. Whooeee he has 18 kids. Robyn would not leave, she seems to have plenty of her own money. And a father that will not be present when HIS daughter is having a very scary surgery, he is not a man. He is a worm. Let Robyn be his only wife, as she already is. And if the others do sue she is part of it being his legal wife. Go ahead Kody piss up a rope, and when it and the shit comes back down him, he maybe, realize what he has done to 22 people. Making 22 people so miserable after thinking that he loved them. He is a scab, and soon enough he will realize it and find himself alone with nobody. Robyn will realize that she was a paycheck for him.
    You go Christine and Janelle, find someone who will love you, as you both deserve it.

    1. How come Robin gets a maid and the others didn’t, and the other wives didn’t know about the maid till recently??
      Kody wanted Christine to put her older kids out of the house.what kind of father does that?

  14. He is nasty and a bully for withholding sex when he gets angry at them instead of discussing the issue. How controlling is that??? Why would they want in thier bed anyway?

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