Demi Burnett Lashes Back at Corrine For Her Insults

Demi Burnett, Youtube

Corinne Olympios and Demi Burnett are both blonde bombshells not afraid to shake things up. Apparently, they don’t really like each other that much. Corinne was the villain in Nick Viall’s season. She then had a drama-filled experience on Bachelor in Paradise. Olympios and another contestant imbibed a lot of alcohol and hooked up on the first day, spiking a lot of controversy and conversations. The crew members were uncomfortable with what happened and production was shut down.

Corinne Olympios, Youtube
Corinne Olympios, Youtube

Demi was a contestant on Colton Underwood’s season and was eliminated in week six. She also went on Bachelor in Paradise multiple times and stirred things up. When Corinne went on the She’s All Bach podcast, she told the hosts she didn’t like Demi all that much.

Corrinne Olympios Thinks Demi Is A Poser

Corinne was on the podcast the week before and she talked about how she isn’t a fan of Demi Burnett. She said she felt like Demi tried walking in her footsteps a bit too much.

She mentioned how Demi came down in a robe just like she did. Corrine said, “If you’re trying to be funny do something different.”  She said Demi reached out and said, “From one iconic girl to the next, so excited for you to see me on this season.”

Demi Burnett, TikTok
Demi Burnett, TikTok

When the host asked Corinne if she still hated Demi, she clarified. She said she doesn’t hate her, she thinks she’s a poser. She felt Demi should have forged her own path in the franchise. There are a lot of fans that praise Demi for being original and authentic, but Corinne doesn’t see it that way.

Demi Burnett Responded To The Podcast

The host said it appeared Demi responded to Corinne Olympios’s comments about her. In her Instagram story, Demi posted a selfie really close to her face. She said if she and Corinne would have teamed up, they would have been a powerhouse. A powerhouse for what, it’s not necessarily clear.

Some people thought it seemed a little muted for Demi, who usually says everything she’s thinking at the moment.

She tagged Corrine in it. The host and fans thought it was about the episode because it was the day after they posted the episode. The hosts said they wanted to have both the girls on so they could talk to each other. Demi has had some personal revelations lately she’s been happy to share with her fans. She took to her Instagram to share her diagnosis of being autistic.

What do you think a team-up of Demi and Corrine would be like? Do you think they probably couldn’t be friends? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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  1. Demi Burnett is starring in a new role. It’s now pretending to be autistic. WTF? First she “came out” for being gay, then when that schtick flopped, she’s suddenly “autistic.” Good God lady. Get some real psychiatric help for your histrionic personality disorder. Just whack. What fool believes this girl is autistic? Idiots! How insulting to autism community to label this fraud with a real developmental disability. SHAME ON YOU FOOLS>

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