Exclusive: ‘Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch’ Chad and Eric Find Radioactive Bats

In the next edition of Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch, a radioactive bat is discovered as the strangeness of the place is on display as ranch owner Duane Ollinger’s son Chad Ollinger stumbles onto the dead bat. It looks like it died of fright.

His backup is geologist Eric Drummond who is radioed for help.  In TV Shows Ace exclusive clip below, the men investigate the bat’s remains, and Eric surmises that the creature had lesions and looks to have died from something systemic versus an attack.

The strangest aspect of the bat corpse is that the lesions look like radiation burns which prompt Eric to get a meter to scan over the body of the bat, and sure enough, the radiation detector begins pinging to the point where the two back away and Eric who will not pick it up or let Chad touch it.

The Mystery Radioactive Bat on Blind Frog Ranch

Chad Ollinger was the one who contacted Eric Drummond to join the crew. Pic credit: Discovery

What could have created radiation poisoning for this bat? Eric Drummond discusses his theories with Chad as they examine the remains.

Chad was first on the scene, and he radios for Eric to come and see what he discovered. He says: “Man, I found something gnarly, get over here as fast as you can where we did the magnetometer scan.”

Eric arrives and sees the bat, as Chad points out the spots on the bat. Eric immediately does the math and says: “They look like lesions. It doesn’t look like any one thing just killed it. It looked like a disease of some sort.”

Drummond goes to his vehicle to get the radiation detector device and returns.

He tells Chad: “I know this might sound kind of weird but let’s give this guy a check for radioactivity.”

Drumond explains that bats live in caves, plain and simple. He adds: “So seeing these weird lesions on the bat, I started wondering if the cave that the bat came from had radiation in it, just like the cavern.”

Even though he is not a veterinarian, he is educated enough to spot what radiation poisoning can look like on an animal or human.

The meter detects large amounts of radiation on the bat, and the two back away. Drummond says: “Yeah, I don’t even want to touch the freaking thing.”

Eric Drummond’s take on the crew

In TV Shows Ace exclusive interview, Drummond was effusive about his fellow Blind Frog Ranch castmates.

After he shared that Chad was the one who reached out to him to join the crew, he said: “First of all, they’re all terrific guys. When you work on a project like this, you bond with the people you work with, and we’re working some long hours. The excavation season is short, so we work into the night, and you form sort of a bond, and you’re taking risks together.

Duane is just a wonderful person. He’s a hard worker, and they’re all good, hard workers. We occasionally have our differences, but we work them out as men do. And so they’re all good, good guys. They all bring something different to the table, and it works for us as a team.”

Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch airs Fridays at 10 PM ET/PT on Discovery Channel.


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