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V-Day Leaves Meri Brown Heartbroken — Not For Reasons You Think

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Valentine’s Day of 2022 leaves Meri Brown of Sister Wives heartbroken, but not for the reasons you think. As we previously reported, the TLC personality had no shame on V-Day this year as she embraced herself as her own Valentine. Meri treated herself to a few nice gifts. Some Sister Wives fans thought it was empowering to see how she handled a day meant for couples. Others, however, thought it was sad that outside of Kody the rest of the family also snubbed her on this special day.

Turns out, Valentine’s Day of 2022 left Meri Brown’s heart aching. But, it doesn’t have anything to do with Kody Brown. Nor does it have anything to do with being snubbed by her entire family. What about Valentine’s Day has Meri Brown getting emotional? Keep reading for the details.

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Valentine’s 2022 Leaves Meri Brown Heartbroken

Valentine’s Day of 2022 was especially difficult for Meri Brown. She explained that it has been just shy of a year since her mother passed away. It, however, has been a year since the last time Meri was with her mother. Meri Brown explained that Valentine’s Day of 2021 was the last time she saw her mother alive. Naturally, the TLC star had no idea at the time she would never see her mother alive again.

Valentine’s day weekend 2021 was the last time I saw her sweet and smiling face, got one of her loving and comforting hugs, heard her voice, visited with her, enjoyed her company. Little did I know it would be the last time.”

Meri Brown added that she finds comfort knowing her mother is in the arms of her father once more as she waits for her on the other side.

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Sister Wives Fans Embrace And Support

For the most part, Sister Wives fans have nothing but love and support for Meri. They wish she would move past Kody and find someone deserving of her love. But, they were happy to embrace her with love and support on this difficult day.

  • “Sorry for your loss Meri. It’s tough loosing a mom. You sure have been through a lot. Hope you are finding comfort.”
  • “Sorry for your loss. I just lost my mom Christmas Eve. Big adjustment.”
  • “I’m so sorry for the loss…but so thankful you held your ground and she was able to live in that house for a little bit!”
  • Sister Wives Credit: Meri Brown Instagram
    Credit: Meri Brown Instagram
  • Many Sister Wives fans admit they took comfort in Meri’s post because they had also lost one of their parents recently. Others opted to keep their responses simple and merely left a condolence for her during this difficult time.

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