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Meri Brown Gets Valentines Flowers, From Who?

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Valentine’s Day is upon us and people all over the world are preparing to get their sweethearts something special. But what about Meri Brown?

The Sister Wives star did receive some beautiful Valentine’s Day flowers, but who were they from? Keep reading to get the inside scoop.

Meri Brown got a very special treat this Valentine’s Day

It’s no secret that many of the wives just aren’t happy in their marriage to Kody Brown anymore. Christine actually left the family and several fans suspect Janelle will go next. Meri has been pretty independent for quite some time now. On the most recent Sister Wives Tell-All Kody Brown told the world that he and Meri were just friends.

So it probably won’t shock you to learn that the flowers Meri received weren’t from Kody. Some fans really want the Sister Wives star to start dating. Was the gift from a secret admirer?

Meri Brown/Instagram

Actually, Meri Brown chose to engage in a little self-care this Valentine’s Day! She revealed on Instagram she did indeed receive flowers, but they were a gift to herself.

Meri Brown/Instagram

“Sometimes you just gotta bring your own sunshine! Happy Valentine’s Day! 💗💗💗” she captioned the video.

After the year Meri had, hardly anyone can blame her for wanting to treat herself this Valentine’s Day. The fans in the comments section were overwhelmingly supportive of the move.

You deserve to [be] loved by someone who will send you flowers. I hope you find him,” wrote one fan.

Happy valentines to you. You look and sound happy and healthy. Keep choosing you. X” wrote someone else. 

What do you think of Meri’s decision to send herself flowers this year? Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments.

The Sister Wives star wants to live her life drama-free

Although things have been really chaotic in the Brown households, Meri is doing her best to keep her head up and has been for some time. As we previously reported, she’s doing just fine by herself.

In a recent Instagram post, she detailed how happy she was with her own situation. Breakups are sad, but she didn’t need to let her relationship be ruled by Kody anymore.

Meri begins the post by saying that her relationship with Kody is “estranged” and she honestly feels that that’s the right word to use.

“It was hard to use, and yet somewhat freeing. I know where my relationship is, I’m not oblivious to that. I will always look for the best in people and situations, and hope they see it too,” Meri wrote. The TLC star continued to write that the post wasn’t meant to trash anyone, as that isn’t what she wants to do.

She went on to say that she knows her value and worth and that at the end of the day she’s happy with herself. We hope she continues to find happiness and peace on her journey.

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  1. I have enjoyed Sister Wives.
    Really like that everyone is living their best life, finally.
    Life changes. Nothing ever stays the same.
    It’s a big adjustment when all your children start moving out and starting their own lives and family.

  2. Meri needs to take a page out of Christine’s book and leave, she hasn’t been with Cody for over 10 years and never will be again, and if she is content to be in a loveless, nonexistent relationship with a spouse type who doesn’t bother calling or checking in on you, then so be it. She has the kids holding her back, and that’s sad. If it wasn’t for the kids, she would be gone, maybe. But she ” loves him, is in love with him” but he isn’t in love or anything with her ever again.

    1. Meri can’t leave because she thinks she will not go to Heaven. Kody has her in time out. She is just waiting for a crumb from Kody. So Sad. She is not going any where. She will still be waiting for him till her last breath. He tells her she can leave but she knows better. It’s like the Ban the Amish put on their people. Poor Meri. I am so serious. Prayers for Meri.

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