Hannah Brown Ghosted Peter Weber After Hookup Reveal

Peter Weber, YouTube

Peter Weber had a hard time making up his mind at the end of his season of The Bachelor. Some fans thought that might have been because he was still hung up on Hannah Brown.

The pilot made it to the top three on her season of The Bachelorette. She showed up on his season during one of his group dates to talk about the windmill they hooked up in. It made things very awkward for everyone. That being said, Peter wasn’t pleased she revealed all in her book including that they’d hooked up after The Bachelorette.

Peter Weber Says Hannah Has Kissed And Told Too Much

Peter Weber told the, “Here for the Right Reasons,” podcast he didn’t talk to her after the book came out. According to US Weekly, he did reach out. He said she didn’t respond. He felt like her revealing what happened between them wasn’t something he would have done to someone.

Peter Weber and Hannah Brown, YouTube
Peter Weber and Hannah Brown, YouTube

Weber said he keeps private situations private. He said, “I don’t know — she now has done that to me on two occasions where she said she’s not gonna say anything. And then she says something.” Hannah told the world the number of times they did it in the windmill on After the Final Rose. It was definitely an overshare considering she chose Jed Wyatt in the end.

He Can’t Trust Her Anymore After Her Book

Peter Weber is only one of the subjects of Brown’s book, God Bless This Mess. While Peter says nothing scandalous happened, his season was still airing. He’d broken things off with his winner already, but no one knew that. He got engaged to Hannah Ann Sluss at the end but ended up going after Madison Prewett.

Peter Weber and Hannah Brown, YouTube
Peter Weber and Hannah Brown, YouTube

He hooked up with Brown during all of that and then went on to date Kelley Flanagan, another contestant, during quarantine. Peter Weber said, “I don’t think I could confide in her anymore, put it that way. But I think I probably helped sell a lot of books for her.” He clarified nothing came from their hookup, they were just exploring their feelings. He had never planned on talking about it.

Weber Is Putting Everything Behind Him

Then, Hannah put the whole thing in her book. Weber said he hasn’t spoken to any of his exes since the book came out. He said, “I have fully moved on, [I’m] moving forward.”

Peter ended the podcast interview by saying he’s in a good place and enjoying being single. He doesn’t want to rush into anything serious, but he says everyone will know when he’s at that point again. Weber said he’s never been one to hide his feelings.

What do you think about Peter’s comments? Do you think he really wouldn’t have said anything? Comment with your thoughts down below.


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