Hallmark’s ‘Cut, Color, Murder’: Will There Be Second Movie After Cliffhanger?

Photo: Julie Gonzalo Credit: ©2021 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Brendan Meadows

Hallmark’s new Signature Mystery, Cut, Color, Murder has Sleuthers talking. The cliffhanger ending, along with the fun ensemble cast is making them want more.

Moreover, will there be a second Cut, Color, Murder mystery? Be aware that there are spoilers, including details about a crazy cliffhanger.

Sleuthers Want Second Cut, Color Murder From Hallmark

After the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries premiere of Cut, Color, Murder, Ryan McPartlin went to Twitter. “WTF happened at the end??? 🤔 Who wants more???? #CutColorMurder.” He got plenty of responses.

The response was enthusiastic. One response was, “Me!! Who doesn’t love a good cliffhanger ending?! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻”

Another mystery fan wrote, “Me!!! I am greedy. I don’t just want a sequel. I want a series!”

A third Sleuther wrote, “Looks like there’s more to Kyle that Ali- and us- had no idea! #CutColorMurder cries out for followups!”

This was a stylish, well-crafted mystery with a shocking cliffhanger. No mystery lover can ask for more. Although the Chuck star has hinted that they are “working on it,” Hallmark, nor any of the stars of the film have revealed whether there will be more.

But, Hallmark cannot let fans stew after that ending, can they?

Hallmark’s Cut, Color, Murder Ended On Crazy Cliffhanger

On Sunday, February 6, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries premiered a new Signature Mystery called Cut, Color, Murder. This stars Ryan McPartlin, Julie Gonzalo, and a very entertaining ensemble cast.

The murder took place at a beauty pageant. Gonzalo portrays Ali, a widowed hairdresser with a knack for solving mysteries. She is good at reading people. Besides, her beauty shop is gossip central in their small town in Idaho.

The last murder was of her husband Dan. He was a police officer, and they put someone away. However, Ali has a gut feeling that this was a botch job. But, she manages to solve this murder, after a few red herrings.

McPartlin is Detective Kyle Crawford. He is not in awe of Ali as everyone else. He doesn’t think anyone but the police should be doing detective work. But, by the end, he sees that Ali has skills. But, he tells her to move on from Dan’s murder. She needs to let it go.

The Cliffhanger

Ali feels she knows Kyle from somewhere. However, she cannot pinpoint that. But, at the very end of the movie, she sits at her husband’s tombstone and tells him that she is moving on from trying to investigate his case.

Then an envelope drops, and some 8×10 photos spill out. Ali bends down and picks up the three photos. The first is of her late husband, getting a briefcase. The second shows a blurry someone who had given Dan the suitcase walking towards the camera.

The third photo was clear. It was Detective Kyle Crawford, and he had an almost sinister look on his face!

Next, the camera was on Ali’s scrunched face, as she tries to figure out what happened. However, you can almost read the questions she now has after realizing that Kyle was involved.

What was he doing there? Who took these photos? Moreover, was he working with Dan, or is he the bad guy?

Will Hallmark make a second Cut, Color, Murder mystery?

Photo: Ryan McPartlin Credit: ©2021 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Bettina Strauss
Photo: Ryan McPartlin Credit: ©2021 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Bettina Strauss

When Can You Watch Encore Showings Of Hallmark’s Cut, Color, Murder?

Whether you want to re-watch Hallmark’s Cut, Color, Murder, or if you want to re-watch that crazy cliffhanger ending, you are in luck. HMM will be airing this new Signature Mystery again.

The next showing is on Wednesday, February 23, at 9 p.m., Sunday, March 6, at 9 p.m., and Tuesday, March 29, at 2 p.m., all times Eastern, on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

Andrew Walker, Nikki DeLoach Filming New Mystery Series

Did you know that Andrew Walker and Nikki DeLoach are currently filming a new mystery, Dying For Chocolate: A Curious Caterer Mystery?

Although this is not confirmed with Hallmark, it appears that this series is based on the Diane Mott Davidson mystery series. If that is the case, the lead is Goldy Bear, a single mother who is a very creative caterer.

First, in this book, she is a live-in cook at the Aspen Meadow Country Club. However, a prospective date turns up dead.

According to IMDb, this Hallmark Signature Mystery will premiere on Sunday, April 10, at 9 p.m., Eastern, on HMM.

Sleuthers, would you like to see another Cut, Color, Murder movie?

Update: New information is out about another movie! Click here to read more

Georgia Makitalo


      1. Yea like every other franchise on hallmark mysteries they left us with a cliffhanger. Mystery 101, fixer upper, Martha vinyard, where are their endings!

  1. Come on give us a real ending to Cut, color, murder please! Hallmark after watching every movie with my wife and coffee mug that says “real men watch hallmark with their wives” I know they don’t like to give a complete endings. No look into what they did after the final kiss. Only a very few go beyond that. Only one comes to mind with my favorite lady Jessie Schramm did that!

  2. I love it please continue the show you can’t leave this with this clip hanger It was awesome to see that they didn’t end up as a couple yet

  3. Why all the Cliff Hangers? Cut, Color, Murder is great. This has the potential to keep the Viewer’s. Why the Cliff Hanger with Martha’s Vineyard? Who shot Jeff in the back? Will Jeff and Zee become a couple? Geesh. Help the Viewers out.

  4. Sometimes I wonder who on earth is running Hallmark. Some of the recent decisions have bordered on the absolute insane. Not to mention resulting in some of the top Hallmark talent leaving for the Great American Channel … which also doesn’t seem to be setting the world on fire yet.
    Just monitoring for now.

  5. You never answer the question, is there anything in the works about a sequel of “Cut, Color, Murder Mysteries”? Thank you for movies.

  6. This is stupid. You leave a cliff hanger and then show the same movie over 4 times. I’m sick of looking at it and sick of you all taking all these celebrities couple them up with and officer and make them partners. Bakers and cops, florist and cops, chefs and cops now new ones . It’s stupid !!!!!

  7. Its time hallmark stopped with the cliffhangers unless they have other shows taped and in the can,mystery 101 had the worst cliff hanger I along with others watched all the episodes to come to zero conclusion stop playing them over and over,for others to fall into the trap of watching all the episodes to be disappointed at the ridiculous ending.I like hallmark but am now not watching any
    more and canceled the channel on my streaming network ,I understand there is a changing of the guard at the channel,but I think whomever is in charge really does not care,

  8. Hallmark! How can you end a show with such a cliffhanger and not promise another movie(s) that will provide resolution. . .don’t let us down!

  9. I agree with others who commented. Leaving us with a cliffhanger & looking for more is just wrong.
    Please make more movies of Cut,Color,
    Also, why can’t you make more mysteries/murder movies? You seem to have an over abundance of love movies. I love your channel. It’s so hard
    to find good murder/mystery movies without all the violence & foul language

  10. Can’t come soon enough. This is one of the best of the Hallmark Mysteries. With the loss of The Gourmet Detective, only the Allison Sweeny and Martha’s Vineyard mysteries left the pickings are slim.

  11. At the end of 2021 and now 2022 I have tried to find out if there are going to be more Hallmark mystery series. I find absolutely nothing and am sick and tired of trying. Good Bye Hallmark. You are not giving your audience what they want. That encludes me.

  12. It looks like Hallmark M & M has moved on from mystery series to giving us Christmas movies from the middle of June, 2022 until January 1, 2023. With plots that have no more than the Seasonal Decorations and Santa Clause to include them in their plot lines. Some were easy to watch, had endings that were predictable, and the love interests fell apart with about 20 minutes, including commercial breaks that were in the neighborhood of 4 1/2 to 5 minutes each. Which took a movie of about 1 hour 20 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes and stretched them out to fill a 2 hour slot.
    I took the time to record a lot of the Hallmark M & M series of mystery series’ so that I can do when we were able to watch those that we recorded, skip through the commercials with the commercial skip on the dvd machine, which doesn’t let you loose contact with the plots.
    I too was looking forward to having the privilege to watch / record the new season of mystery series that were in progress, only to find a 6+ month hiatus of Christmas movies. We watch VERY LITTLE of Hallmark M & M since we were Chrismased out at the end of September.
    I believe there was a new group in the up-front management that have a different view of life, as is more traditional in the US. Truly some of the prime actors have moved on, but it’s my belief that it’s because of these changes that their moves were made. I could be wrong, and only time will tell if Hallmark M & M will catch on that they have lost most of their fan base who wouldn’t miss the premiers of the different series that had a cast of characters and plot lines that made them desirable to watch.
    Hallmark M & M take this as you see fit, but since and before September, there has been very little to watch on your network. And we’ve been enjoying your prior series of mysteries that pretty much ended with the Cut, Curl and Murder loner which appeared to have a series line that could be expanded in to the 2 or so years since Detective Reed was murdered and some time after to see what happens with the relationship between Ali and Kyle, and if Police Chief Wright does, indeed retire.
    Your network is in your hands, to pick the network up, or let it fall down the stairs and be destroyed by you.

  13. Please, please – no more Christmas movies – especially six months at a time!! Maybe for one week – but six months!

  14. I did see the 2nd Cut, Color, my user last year over Memorial Day weekend. I was in the hospital with post Covid symptoms & they were on the Hallmark channel along with 2 episodes of dying by chocolate. And wanted to watch them again, but cannot find them anywhere

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