‘The Bachelor’ Sneak Peek Reveals Sarah Hamrick In Tears

Sarah Hamrick, YouTube

During the episode airing on Valentine’s Day of The Bachelor, there are going to be tears. It isn’t clear exactly what happened but a preview shows Sarah Hamrick crying.

As fans know the previews can often be a bit misleading when it comes to The Bachelor. They can make crying or a fight look a lot worse than it is. However, there is some commentary from Clayton Echard in this preview that makes it feel a little dire.

Don’t read on if you’re trying to avoid any kind of spoilers before tomorrow night’s episode.

Why Did Clayton Make Sarah Hamrick Cry?

Sarah Hamrick is one of the younger contestants on this season’s Bachelor. Thrilled to get another one-on-one with Echard, she didn’t expect the date to take a turn. As fans know, sometimes those dates are to give the lead clarity rather than move the relationship forward.

Sarah Hamrick, YouTube
Sarah Hamrick, YouTube

Clayton told her he wants the end of his journey to be with his engagement. He says it’s the whole point of the show.

In a confessional Clayton says he wonders where her head is, according to E Online. If she’s not ready to settle down, he needs answers to those questions. This is the second one-on-one the two had been on.

Clayton Drops A Bomb On Their Date

Clayton tells Sarah Hamrick he isn’t sure she’s ready for the type of commitment he’s looking for. This takes Sarah by surprise because she thought she’d made her intentions very clear.

She says, “I’ve told you since day one that I was here because it was you. I have been nothing but just completely myself and completely vulnerable and open with you.” She’s emotional, but that doesn’t seem to get to Clayton.

He responds to her by saying thank you but that he’s afraid of losing everything. It appears he then gets up from the date while Sarah dissolves into tears.

Clayton Promised A Wild Ride

It seems a little weird since Sarah Hamrick and Clayton had a lot of chemistry on their first one-on-one. The two enjoyed a dinner with the Van Gogh experience, a string quartet, and lots of kissing.  It’s unclear from the preview what changed his mind.

Sarah Hamrick and Clayton, YouTube
Sarah Hamrick and Clayton, YouTube

Clayton has warned his season was a “wild ride.” He said you think you’re prepared for something and then you actually do it. He found himself thinking, “how did I think I was going to be able to handle this? Dating this many women at one time.” It’s possible the preview cut the scene and he’s going to comfort her.

What do you think will happen? Do you think Clayton’s assumptions because of her age are wrong? Comment with your thoughts below.

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