Simon Cowell Misses ‘BGT’ Auditions For Medical Reason: What’s Wrong?

Simon Cowell - YouTube

Music mogul Simon Cowell was forced to miss the most recent BGT auditions for a medical reason. As fans who follow the talent judge know, it wasn’t that long ago that he was hospitalized after wrecking his e-bike.

Is the medical reason forcing him to miss Britain’s Got Talent auditions connected to his accident? Or, is something else wrong with the music mogul? Keep reading for the latest news on what’s going on with Simon Cowell and his health.

Simon Cowell health update: Forced to miss BGT auditions

This latest health update for Simon Cowell is a bit of a bummer for those who enjoy watching him judge talent competitions. Unfortunately, a medical reason has forced Simon Cowell to miss the latest auditions for Britain’s Got Talent.

According to Daily Mail, Simon Cowell was missing from the judge panel on Thursday for medical reasons. Turns out, the music mogul has tested positive for COVID. A representative of the 62-year-old reached out to the outlet to share an update on how he was doing.

Simon Cowell - YouTube
Simon Cowell – YouTube

The representative shared: “Simon was unable to attend filming today as he was isolating at home after testing positive for Covid-19.”

Unfortunately, this update did not include how Simon was fairing after contracting the virus. The update, however, did give fans of the music mogul some reassurances that he was at least well enough to be at home isolating versus being in a hospital.

He feels like a ‘bit of a nutter’

According to Daily Mail, Simon Cowell admitted he felt like a “bit of a nutter” after crashing his e-bike not too long ago. The music mogul admitted that wrecking his e-bike a second time was not enough to convince him to get rid of the bike. He, however, did plan to be a little more cautious and wear a helmet while he was riding it.

Simon Cowell - YouTube
Simon Cowell – YouTube

Presently, there isn’t much information available on when Simon Cowell tested positive for COVID-19. Or, how long it will be before he can return to the BGT judge panel. For the most part, however, his fans are just relieved it sounds like he’s fairing alright despite having COVID.

What do you think about Simon Cowel testing positive for COVID? Do you hope he’ll return to the judge panel soon? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on this music mogul.

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