Simon Cowell Hospitalized: Nearly Dead After Crash, ‘Lucky To Be Alive’

Simon Cowell - YouTube

Music mogul Simon Cowell was reportedly hospitalized and is “lucky to be alive” after another e-bike crash leaves him nearly dead. According to a report from TMZ, it was last week (on Thursday) when former American Idol judge crashed his e-bike again.

The report goes on to reveal the 62-year-old was hospitalized with several broken bones. An eyewitness at the scene reported the music mogul was “lucky to be alive” following the accident.

Simon Cowell Hospitalized: Nearly Dead After Crash

Speaking to TMZ, sources report Simon Cowell was cruising around London on his e-bike at the time of his accident. The music mogul reportedly turned a sharp corner, but he didn’t quite make the turn. Turns out, the pavement was wet. This caused the tires to slip out from under Simon causing him to crash into the ground.

Simon Cowell - YouTube
Simon Cowell – YouTube

According to The Sun‘s recount of the accident, Simon was driving 20 MPH on his e-bike when the accident happened causing him to be thrown forward over the handlebars of the e-bike.

He was pedalling along, with his electric motor on, when the wheels suddenly went from under him after hitting a wet patch. He slipped and went flying over the handlebars into the middle of the road.”

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