Kailyn Lowry Opens Up About Trauma Inflicted On Son By Ex

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Kailyn Lowry and her ex Chris Lopez‘s nasty feud continues to grow out of control. However this time it is affecting just more than the Teen Mom star and their son’s Lux and Creed’s father. The reality star claims that Chris recently took their one-year-old son Creed and shaved his head without her permission. Since then Creed has been having some major issues, according to The Sun.

Lowry’s fans have been awaiting the mother of four to speak out against her ex once again. As previously reported by TV Shows Ace, last weekend during his visitation with sons Lux and Creed, Chris took it upon himself to take Creed for his very FIRST haircut. Problem is that Lopez failed to discuss this matter with Kailyn beforehand.

Credit: YouTube/MTV
Credit: YouTube/MTV

Chris Lopez Oversteps With Kailyn Lowry

The Teen Mom star and many of her fans believe that Chris acted out in a form of petty revenge against Kail. Just before posting photos on his social media accounts, Kail had shared with fans that she had made a trip to Ulta to get some hair products for her sons. The Instagram share revealed the single mom spending close to $700 on high-end hair care products for her sons.

Now Kailyn is claiming that Creed is traumatized over the haircut incident. During her recent podcast, Kail stated, “I think my son is traumatized, to be honest.” Kail refused to name her baby daddy ex by name during her rant. “I don’t want to put too much into it, I just want to say one thing on here.”

During a recent interview with Brandi Glanville, Kailyn laughed while revealing her life is a s**t show, and compared herself to being the white trash Kardashian. The two jokingly claim that Kail should have her own spinoff reality show revealing life dealing with three baby daddies.

Kailyn Lowry Takes The High Road

“The bits and pieces I have heard about an explanation on their side, on their podcast, is complete bulls**t. And this is not something that I would have wanted. I bought curly hair products over the weekend, and I knew that even if I had said no to the haircut, which I did not say yes. I did not consent to it, he would’ve done it anyway.”

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

“I do think it was solely to get a reaction from me. I don’t want to give the public the reaction he wants.”

Time To Grow Up

This is not the first time that Chris has taken it upon himself to get one of their children’s haircuts without first discussing it with Kail. In 2020 things took a nasty turn when Lopez ambushed Lowry by cutting Lux’s hair without her knowledge. Kailyn reacted rashly and the two were involved in a physical confrontation that landed Lowry in jail.

Kailyn’s hot temper got the best of her when she found Lux’s haircut and she allegedly punched Lowry in the face, resulting in him calling the police. This time around Kail has chosen to take the high road, so to speak. She refuses to let Chris get the reaction he was hoping for. She and fans feel Lopez is trying to get back at his ex in every way possible.

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

The Coffee and Convos host is having her share of battles this year. Not only are things continuously going downhill between herself and Lopez, she also continues to face issues with castmate Briana Dejesus. On Wednesday Lowry took to her Instagram to share a post urging her followers to “be kind to unkind people.”

Fans believe the cryptic post which was not directed at anyone in particular was Kailyn Lowry’s way to let both Briana Dejesus and Chris Lopez know she is over the game playing with them, and ready to move with her life.

Do you believe Kailyn Lowry has every right to be angry with Chris Lopez again?

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