Kailyn Lowry’s Ex Chris Lopez Shaves Creed’s Curly Locks

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The feud between Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry and her ex Chris Lopez is growing out of control. The former couple continues to seek revenge on each other at all costs and this time Chris has hit Kailyn in the two places that hurt her the most with their son Creed and her pocketbook.

These two will stop at nothing and this time it has cost Lowry about $700 and her son Creed’s hair, according to The Sun. Over the weekend Kailyn set off on a shopping spree where the mother of four reportedly dropped about a ton of cash at Ulta on hair products for her boys. So what does Chris do to get to Lowry?

Credit: Kailyn Lowry/Instagram
Credit: Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

Chris Lopez Hits Back At Kailyn Lowry Hard

During his weekend visitation with Creed, Lopez took it upon himself to take his son for a haircut. Not only did Chris fail to discuss the father and son outing with Lowry, he also took it upon himself to shave off all of Creed’s long curly locks. Chris did not stop there. He also shared the photos of his son’s new look on social media sending fans into a tizzy.

One commenter immediately wrote, “She just got all of that hair stuff at Ulta for him. She’s gonna GO OFF!”

“OMG, I’d be infuriated. I want to cry for her. It’s a whole other level when an ex’s vindictive behavior is taken out on your kids” adds another.

Over the weekend Lowry shared the news of her recent shopping spree with her fans on social media.

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

Kailyn Lowry Reveals Spending Big Bucks On Hair Products For Her Sons

Fans are anticipating Kail to blow her stack and are awaiting the fall anxiously on TikTok. Kail reveals, “Yesterday I went to Ulta and this is the haul.” She then reveals a giant shopping bag as she holds up the receipt reading that she spent $632.49.

Along with the hair products, Lowry reveals purchasing a Gucci Guilty Cologne set and a few personal items for herself including makeup brushes, highlighter as well as lip and brow products.

Lowry’s fans were more than stunned by the amount of cash that she dropped.

“I’m sorry, I don’t own one piece of makeup, and when you said $639 my heart dropped,” one shocked fan writes.

“Seriously how does she have that much money? Is podcasting that lucrative? Honestly curious,” adds another.

“Why would anyone spend this kind of money on their young kid’s hair products, that is just too much!”

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

The War Continues

How do you think Kailyn is going to react to this, asks fans considering what happened in 2020 after he cut Lux’s hair without asking her. In 2020 Lowry was arrested for punching Lopez in the face in an angry outburst.  It doesn’t look as if Lowry and Lopez will be finding that agreeable co-parenting relationship anytime soon at this rate.

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“It is so sad for the kids when their parents are going after each other so viciously 24/7. In the end, the only ones getting hurt by their vengeful stunts are the kids. I hope they can get it together for Creed and Lux,” writes another concerned fan.

How, do you believe Kailyn Lowry will respond to Chris Lopez’s latest stunt?

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