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Amy King Shows Support After Duggar Sisters’ Lawsuit Dismissal

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Amy King is proudly supporting the Duggar sisters as their lawsuit has come to an end. The news broke on Wednesday, February 9 that the privacy lawsuit was dismissed by the judge due to the sisters not proving their case.

Jill Dillard, Jinger Vuolo, Jessa Seewald, and Joy-Anna Forsyth filed the privacy suit back in 2017. They attempted to sue the police department that released the police reports containing the details of their brother Josh Duggar’s molestations. The sisters claim that the release of these documents to InTouch led to them suffering “emotional distress.” They believed that this information and their identities should have remained private.

After the case was dismissed on Wednesday, Jill Dillard took to her blog on Thursday to make a statement. She also posted on Instagram, directing fans to her blog to read the statement.

Jill Dillard Instagram, Amy King

Duggar cousin Amy King stands by Jill Dillard.

Amy King and Jill Dillard have been close for years. They often hang out together, as shown on their Instagram pages. They also interact on social media, commenting on each other’s posts. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Jill is getting lots of love and support from her cousin during this challenging time.

Though Amy is religious and is related to the Duggars, she believes differently than they do. While the Duggar women don’t wear pants or drink alcohol, she does these things openly. And fans applaud her for supporting Jill and encouraging her to live a similar life while still keeping her faith.

On her blog, Jill kicked off her statement by writing, “While we appreciate the hard work the Court has put into our case and we highly respect the Judge, we are disappointed with the ruling that the City and County’s statutory immunity protects them from our claims.”

After Jill shared her statement on her blog and posted about it on Instagram, her cousin Amy King offered love and support. the Duggar cousin wrote, “Big hugs and a lot of love and respect for you! What a powerful statement! ❤️”

Jill Dillard, Amy King Instagram

Amy hasn’t said anything else about the lawsuit on her own Instagram page, but it’s possible she will speak out again soon. In the meantime, it looks like she is focused on supporting her cousin Jill publicly.

Jill is also getting lots of love and support from her many social media followers. You can read her full statement here.

So, are you glad to see Amy King supporting Jill Dillard and her sisters during this time? What do you think of Jill’s statement? Let us know in the comments below. And be sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for the latest Duggar updates.

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