Why Isn’t A New Episode Of ‘I Am Jazz’ On Tonight?

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For many weeks now TLC fans have had one thing to look forward to every Tuesday night — a new episode of I Am Jazz. Sadly, Discovery+ subscribers were in for a bit of disappointment when they logged in this morning to watch the episode early before it airs later tonight. It wasn’t there. Unfortunately, there also won’t be a new episode of I Am Jazz airing tonight on TLC either.

Why isn’t a new episode of I Am Jazz airing tonight? When can fans expect to see a new episode? Fortunately, the answer to the first question is pretty simple. It, however, isn’t one that will make fans of the series too happy.

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Why isn’t a new episode of I Am Jazz on tonight?

For those who like clear answers, there is a pretty simple answer as to why a new episode of I Am Jazz did not air last night. Last week’s episode of I Am Jazz was the Season 7 Finale. A new episode did not air because the season concluded last week. There aren’t any more new episodes of I Am Jazz for TLC to air on TV.

With this information in mind, the next question is really simple. Will TLC renew or cancel the series?

I am Jazz - jazz jennings Youtube

Will TLC renew or cancel the series for another season?

As we reported last night, I Am Jazz was not the only series to end last week. 1000-Lb. Sisters aired its Season 3 Finale on Monday of last week. So, yesterday was also pretty disappointing for TLC fans. Unfortunately, rumors are running wild the series will not return for Season 4 simply because neither Amy nor Tammy want to come back for more.

TLC is not really a network that likes to announce the renewal or cancelation of shows. For example, it has been a while since fans have seen a new season of The Little Couple. The network, however, has never officially announced canceling the series.

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Looking back at the history of I Am Jazz, TLC has been pretty consistent with one season per year. I Am Jazz aired one season in 2021, one season in 2020, and one season in 2022. So, if the network decides to renew the series, we might not see a new season until the very end of 2022.

According to Jazz Jenning’s Instagram profile, it has only been about a week since they wrapped up filming Season 7. So, the TLC personality may want a break before jumping into filming Season 8.

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Were you looking forward to watching a new episode of I Am Jazz tonight? Are you disappointed a new episode of the series didn’t air? Do you think TLC will renew or cancel the series for another season? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest TLC news.

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  1. CK has been scripted bHopefully next season will EXCLUDE mommy, the effed up “friends”, the massive growth of flubber, and the gay twins!!!
    This isn’t hate mail. I haa to drop water Hong every episode this year because
    We like JAZZ and not the drama BS that has been scripted by TLC. YUCK!

  2. ]Hopefully next season will EXCLUDE mommy, the effed up “friends”, the massive growth of flubber, and the gay twins!!!
    This isn’t hate mail. I had to stop watching every episode this year because We like JAZZ and not the drama BS that has been scripted by TLC. YUCK!

  3. I think we have seen enough child abuse being aired. I am just the boy that mommy brain washed at the age of two, how many kids know there a trasgender at two. The mother see.s to love her alcohol more than being a true mother. THAY have become rich doing there rainbow business selling everything with Jass pictured on it. How sad this boy now wannabe girl is stuck taking drugs the rest of his life just to please mom. How sick is good old dad that allowed his wife to turn a babe into what she wanted he has no guts to stand up for his son. Where did this whole thing begin is nothing but munshausen by proxy syndrome. The schools never stepped In where was welfare of a child more important. Jazz will fail Harvard and will have to stay under mommy’s wing .marriage will be with a man who also is a drag queen. Not to mention the other boy wants to love a man girl. How sick is this family. I really don’t care to watch this when mom while drinking says I don’t care where he puts his duck into. How mentally screwed up is she to say that on air. Let’s not for get the grandparents now that’s Another bunch that allowed jazz to be used by mommy dearest to ever say my baby wants to be a girl. Omg jazz will never lose. The weight it to screwed up now with outside pressures to stop eating to cope. Goodluck jazzy

    1. Very true. I had to fast forward through the episode where the delusional mom does a sexy lingerie shoot. It was not flattering I was embarrassed for her. I worry Jazz has Tourette’s Syndrome she constantly moves her tongue and lips left and right back and forth. Seems over medicated.

    2. your grammer is horrific. maybe you should stop bashing people on the internet and learn how to properly form a sentence.

  4. Love the show and the family. The show is so real. You feel all their pain and also their happiness. Just want to follow the progress of Jazz now that she is off to college.

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