Jazz Jennings’ Grandmother Jacky Reveals Dark Secret From Childhood

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Grandmother Jacky shared a dark secret from her childhood with Jazz Jennings during tonight’s episode of I Am Jazz. What was this dark secret? Well, you can find out during tonight’s episode. Or, you can scroll down for spoilers and details.

Warning: Spoilers from tonight’s episode of I Am Jazz

Grandmother Jacky shares dark childhood secret

While riding in the car with Jazz Jennings, grandmother Jacky revealed she understands her struggle with weight. Jacky explained that her parents would not allow her to be overweight as a child. The episode flashed to a picture of the grandmother at a young age. She admits she was never really what anyone would consider being overweight. Her father, however, wanted to make sure it stayed that way.

I am Jazz - youtube
I am Jazz – youtube

Sharing a dark secret from her childhood, grandma Jacky tells Jazz Jennings her parents gave her uppers when she was a child. It was their way of keeping her active and making sure she never gained weight. Unfortunately, this decision also turned her into a drug addict. Now, Jacky tells Jazz she did not think it was her father’s intention to turn her into a drug addict.

In fact, she added that her father eventually tossed the drugs in the trash when he realized the mistake he had made. Unfortunately, it was too late by that time. Grandma Jacky added that she was forced to quit cold turkey after that.

Jazz Jennings entire family struggles with food issues

During her appointment with the nutritionist, it became clear the entire family struggles with food insecurities. Jazz’s mother admits that she steps on the scale every time she goes into the bathroom to monitor her weight.  And, then the mother acknowledges that grandma Jacky undereats.

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I am Jazz – YouTube

Turning to Jazz, the family agrees she has a problem with binge eating. Moreover, the family agrees her portions are out of control and she eats entirely too much in one sitting. Moreover, Jazz admits to the nutritionist she has a big problem with fast food.

The nutritionist reassures the family that food insecurities can be genetic. So, it made sense to her why the entire family struggled.

I am Jazz - Jazz jennings
I am Jazz – YouTube

Were you surprised when Jacky revealed this dark secret to her granddaughter? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below.

I Am Jazz Season 7, Episode 3 titled “Breaking The Cycle” is available for streaming via Discovery+. Or, you can tune in to watch the new episode tonight only on TLC.

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