Theresa Caputo’s Daughter Opens Up About Anxiety Amid Cyberbullying

Theresa Caputo's Daughter Opens Up About Anxiety Amid Cyberbullying [Credit: Victoria Caputo/Instagram]

Theresa Caputo is about to become a grandmother. Her daughter, Victoria Caputo, is expecting her first child with her husband┬áMichael Mastrandrea. The TLC star admitted that she’s having a “lazy Sunday.” So, she decided to have a Q&A with her fans and followers on her Instagram Stories. She’s been counting down the days until her baby is born.

Victoria teased the baby’s due date. But, she has a feeling that her baby girl will arrive sooner rather than later. The reality star has been dealing with cyberbullies lately. Victoria has dealt with her share of body shamers and online trolls.

Victoria Caputo opens up about her struggles with anxiety

Theresa Caputo’s daughter started things off by sharing a selfie from her couch. She admitted that she was feeling “lazy” today, as she should. Victoria wore a peach tie-dye sweatshirt. She encouraged her 411,000 followers to send in their questions.

Someone asked her how she was feeling today. Victoria responded: “Not too bad! I can’t complain.” She also teased her baby’s due date. The reality star said that February 23 could be the day, but she’s hoping her little bundle of joy will arrive somewhat earlier. Victoria wants to have three children. Though she’s not crazy about pregnancy and “can’t wait until it’s over,” she would like to expand her family.

Victoria Caputo's Date Night With Husband Michael Mastrandrea [Credit: Victoria Caputo/Instagram]
[Credit: Victoria Caputo/Instagram]
Theresa Caputo’s daughter also opened up about her anxiety. One user asked her how she’s been managing it while pregnant. Victoria admitted that “every day is different.” However, as it gets closer to the due date, that’s when her anxiety is “more prominent.” Another fan asked her what she does to care for her anxiety.

“Having a team on my side. Therapy and recognizing the root of the issue! I’ve been highly educated for many years which helps me understand it and my body better.”

She also revealed that her new home is still not ready. The television personality has been living with Theresa Caputo for the time being. Unfortunately, their house project hasn’t even started yet. While Victoria doesn’t mind living with the Long Island Medium star, she would love to see the finished results of her dream home.

Theresa Caputo’s daughter navigates her body struggles and cyberbullies

Victoria opened up about her body struggles amid the constant body-shaming on social media. Theresa Caputo has been hit with online trolls too, but only because of her hairstyle. Victoria admitted that it’s been hard to “accept” her “changing” body, but thinking about what she’s creating puts things into perspective.

Meanwhile, another fan commended Victoria for the way she’s handled the cyberbullies on her Instagram account. She responded with the muscle, fist bump, and pink heart emojis. Victoria also revealed that she and Michael picked out a name for their baby girl. But, she is keeping that a secret until she’s born.

Theresa Caputo's Daughter Victoria's Instagram Q&A [Credit: Victoria Caputo/Instagram Stories]
[Credit: Victoria Caputo/Instagram Stories]
What are your thoughts on Theresa Caputo’s daughter handling cyberbullies? Are you surprised to learn about her struggles with anxiety? What advice do you have for those who deal with cyberbullies and body shamers? Sound off below in the comment section.

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