Theresa Caputo’s Pregnant Daughter Triggered Amid Body Shaming

Theresa Caputo's Daughter Triggered Amid Body Shaming [Credit: Victoria Caputo/Instagram]

Long Island Medium star Theresa Caputo and her daughter Victoria have been the target of trolls. Victoria recently broke down on social media. The pregnant reality star took to Instagram to share a cryptic message. This comes after she slammed a body shamer. Victoria said “f*** it” and had a good cry.

She shared the “raw” post via her Instagram Stories. The photo showed a teary-eyed Victoria who was not happy. She admitted that she felt “triggered” and just broke down and cried. Victoria is currently pregnant with her first child with her husband Michael Mastrandrea.

Victoria Caputo breaks down on social media

On Saturday, January 15, Victoria shared an emotional post on her Instagram Stories. She posted a rare photo of herself crying in a pink floral print sweatshirt. She revealed to her followers that she had a “good cry.” The TLC star was triggered and suddenly she was feeling emotional. Victoria didn’t explain why she had the sudden urge to cry.

“Raw moment,” Victoria Caputo wrote. “Big or small somethings [SIC] can trigger you out of nowhere. After a good cry you just need to say f*** it! And let it go.”

The Long Island Medium star laid her head against the pillow. Victoria said that things big and small could cause her to cry at the drop of a hat. It’s likely she’s emotional because she’s pregnant. Victoria wanted to share this honest and vulnerable moment with her followers.

Victoria Caputo's 33 Week Selfie [Credit: Victoria Caputo/Instagram]
[Credit: Victoria Caputo/Instagram]
She’s been sharing her pregnancy journey on social media. In August 2021, Victoria announced that she is expecting her first child. Thereafter, she took to Instagram to show off her baby bump. Victoria also shared photos from her baby shower and her shopping sprees.

Theresa Caputo and her ex-husband Larry Caputo share Victoria and a son, Larry Jr. They were married for about 30 years until they ended their marriage in 2018. Larry claims that the reality show changed things between them. Theresa and Larry married in 1989.

Theresa Caputo and Victoria Caputo target of trolls

TV Shows Ace previously reported that Victoria was attacked by body shamers. A troll came for her after she shared a portrait of a “pregnant woman” on her Instagram feed. In the post, she addressed her “symptoms” she experienced at 33 weeks. Those symptoms include “constantly sweating, acid reflux, and fatigue.”

Victoria took to her Instagram Stories to call out the troll by name. She posted the comment that the troll wrote to her. “I have to be honest. You gained way too much weight,” the user wrote. “I have to be honest. You should mind your own business,” Victoria snapped back.

Victoria Caputo Shuts Down Troll [Credit: Victoria Caputo/Instagram Stories]
[Credit: Victoria Caputo/Instagram Stories]
In her following Instagram Story, Victoria revealed that the troll blocked her on social media. Meanwhile, Theresa Caputo said she’s “out of quarantine!” She appeared bare-faced in her Instagram video. The television personality tested positive for COVID-19 but is now feeling much better.

Victoria Caputo Cries On Instagram Stories [Credit: Victoria Caputo/Instagram Stories]
[Credit: Victoria Caputo/Instagram Stories]
What are your thoughts on Victoria’s “raw” Instagram Story? Can you relate? What do you think it’s about? Sound off below in the comment section.

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