Anna Duggar Losing Support After Josh’s Guilty Verdict?

Is Anna Duggar losing support from fans, friends, and family? She has finally spoken out on her husband, Josh’s legal troubles but may not have gotten the response she was expecting. The mom of seven has been silent on the topic since his arrest in the spring of 2021. He’s since gone to trial and been convicted of child porn charges and is now waiting for his sentencing date to come.

Anna stood by her man at every court date. Many fans thought this indicated that she still supported him. While the Duggar daughter-in-law has remained silent, sources have come out and said that she still believes he’s innocent.

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On Thursday, February 3, Anna Duggar finally returned to social media with a very short post. She shared a text post that simply reads, “There is more to the story.”

She then encouraged her followers to look at the link in her bio, which contains a court document that Josh’s legal team filed a couple of weeks ago. In the motion, the defense is requesting a new trial. So, it looks like Anna wants fans to see this document for some reason.

Anna Duggar is criticized on Twitter for standing by her man.

After Anna shared the new post and urged fans to head to the link in her bio, she was called out online. Though she’s kept her Instagram comments heavily restricted, she has less control over them on Twitter. Many Duggar fans, critics, and others are urging her to leave Josh. Others beg her to protect her kids. Some folks even want CPS to get involved.

A peek at the attention Anna’s received on Instagram may show whether she’s still supported by anyone at all.

Are fans done supporting Josh Duggar’s wife?

On Instagram, Anna Duggar’s new post about the court document received very little attention from her social media followers. The Duggar daughter-in-law has one million Instagram followers. However, she has only received a couple of thousand likes on her new post.

Anna’s seventh baby, Madyson Lily, was born in October, but she waited until November to announce her birth. That post received 96,000 likes. Meanwhile, the post about Josh’s request for a new trial has received just 2,000 likes at this point.

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In the past, bigger announcements from the Duggar family have gotten more attention on social media than typical posts might. But the difference in likes on Anna’s baby announcement and her latest post is very noticeable. Even this random photo of her preparing a meal for her children received 10,000 likes.

The pictures below received thousands of likes, too, and they didn’t feature any big announcements.

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As of now, no members of the Duggar family have “liked” her post on Instagram. However, when she announced the birth of Madyson, several of her relatives liked the post or commented on it. So, it’s possible that something has changed. There have been rumors that the family is feuding over Josh’s conviction.

It’s unclear what’s actually going on with Anna Duggar right now, and we don’t know exactly why she isn’t getting a lot of attention for her latest post. But it may offer some insight into how fans and family members feel about Josh’s wife these days.

So, what do you think of the response Anna Duggar has received for her recent Instagram post? Do you think fans are done supporting her after this? Share your thoughts below. And for more news about the Duggars, be sure to come back to TV Shows Ace.

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