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What Is The Name Of Amy Halterman & Michael’s Second Baby Boy?

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Amy Halterman and Michael posted a video on YouTube revealing the gender of their second baby to be a baby boy and 1000-Lb. Sisters fans wondered what they would name the little guy. Turns out, Amy Halterman also revealed the name of baby number two. This was a detail that some fans missed because they closed out of the video immediately after learning the gender was a boy. Truthfully, some fans didn’t even watch the video, they just used the comments to learn it was a boy before moving on about their day.

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After learning the gender of the baby, Amy Halterman was quick to rattle off both a first and middle name. The audio of the video made it a little difficult to understand what she said. She also mumbled a bit, so it was hard to make out what she said.

What is the name of Amy Halterman’s second baby boy?

At the very end of the video, while looking at her phone, Amy Halterman quickly rattled off the name of baby number two. What name had she and Michael Halterman decided on? Turns out, they were naming baby number two John Allen. Appeared to be a little surprised by the name choice, some of her friends and family members were heard asking her to confirm the name. She doubled down on John Allen being the name.

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Amy Halterman jested they could nickname him John boy. Amanda could be heard in the background admitting that she would NOT be calling him by that nickname. Unfortunately for Amy, it didn’t sound like Amanda or the people attending her gender reveal party were too impressed by her name choice.

When is her due date?

In her video announcing her second pregnancy, Amy Halterman revealed her due date was July 18th. She, however, admits she plans on having a c-section. So, she suspects she will actually give birth to her second bundle of joy around July 5th.

Amy Haterlman admits she was a bit disappointed to learn she was having another baby boy. After all, she really wanted a girl! Her sister Amanda joked Amy got pretty lucky as the girls in her family tree tend to be a bit of a handful.

What do you think of the name Amy and Michael Halterman have selected for baby boy number two? Do you like the name? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest on Amy and her family.

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