’LPBW’ Fans Learn Where Jeremy & Ember Really Got Their Looks


Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff recently shared photos from a family trip to Michigan. The photos showed who the LPBW child and granddaughter really get their looks from. Here’s a peek at the post.

Amy Roloff And Her Family On ‘LPBW’

If you follow the show, you know that Amy Roloff and her ex-husband, Matt, have four children together. Their children Jacob, Jeremy, Molly, and Zachary have all appeared on LPBW at some point. Zachary is the only child that still appears on the show from time to time. Zach was the only Roloff child born with achondroplasia like his parents. His son shares the condition as well.

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff/Instagram
Jeremy and Audrey Roloff/Instagram


Credit: YouTube/TLC

The rest of the Roloff kids decided to raise their own families out of the sight of the reality TV cameras. Actually, their son Jacob went on to talk about problems he had the show’s production tactics. He revealed that the way the production was handled pushed him to quit to preserve his own happiness. Zach, the only remaining Roloff child on the show, has admitted he’s considered quitting in the past too.

LPBW - YouTube

LPBW fans have loved watching each of the Roloff kids grow up. While many of them choose to stay out of the spotlight, they aren’t forgotten. Fans recently brought up Zach’s twin brother, Jeremy, in comments on Instagram. They couldn’t believe how much he looks like this relative.

Where The Kids Really Got Their Looks

A recent post on Amy’s Instagram showed her enjoying some time in Michigan with her father and brother. Roloff, who is a Michigan native, enjoys visiting and spending time with them. During her visit, they went ice skating.

“It was perfect. Even better to hang out with my brother, dad and sister,” she wrote in the post. The LPBW star was happy to get her boots on and after the ice. After all, she points out, it had been about 35 years since she’d been in skates.

LPBW - Instagram

Credit: Instagram/Amy Roloff

Fans of Amy immediately took to the comments to comment on her brother’s appearance. One commenter stated, “Jer looks just like your brother!!!” There is no doubt Jeremy favors his uncle a bit. Others commented about how Ember, Jeremy’s daughter, favors her uncle as well.

The gene’s on Amy’s side of the family seemingly run strong. Dozens and dozens of people left comments that Jeremy and her brother resemble one another. What do you think? Does Jeremy from LPBW favor his uncle more than other family members? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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