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Lisa Vanderpump Hospitalized After Terrifying Horse Accident

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RHOBH alum Lisa Vanderpump was hospitalized following a terrifying horse accident. According to a report from TMZ, the Real Housewives alum was riding her horse over the weekend when the horrifying accident occurred. Lisa was rushed to the hospital afterward where it was discovered she had broken several bones. What happened exactly and how he is she doing after being hospitalized? Here’s what we know.

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Lisa Vanderpump hospitalized following scary horse accident

An exclusive report from TMZreveals Lisa Vanderpump was enjoying a horseback ride at The Paddock located in the Los Feliz part of L.A on Sunday. The horse Lisa was riding reportedly got spooked by something. This caused the horse to panic, rear up, and throw Lisa Vanderpump.

An eyewitness to the horrifying accident tells TMZ Lisa Vanderpump flew over the spooked horse’s head after being bucked. After flying forward off of the horse, Lisa reportedly landed directly on her back on the ground.

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Lisa Vanderpump was then rushed to the ER where she was hospitalized while her injuries could be assessed. The Bravo personality was rushed to the hospital via an ambulance with her husband Ken Todd following behind it.

Lisa Vanderpump is reportedly in a lot of pain after being hospitalized. This, however, isn’t too surprising. She broke her leg in two different places. Both breaks are above her ankle. She also bruised her back. Considering she was bucked off the horse and landed on her back, she’s lucky the injuries are not far worse.

Unfortunately, Lisa Vanderpump will need surgery. But, sources close to her confirm she’ll be good as new after she’s had time to recover.

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This wasn’t an unfamiliar horse

Presently, there isn’t much information available on why the horse became spooked. In fact, sources have confirmed that Lisa was not an unfamiliar face for the horse. Turns out, she has been riding and spending time with this horse for over six years. So, no one believes Lisa was the reason the horse became spooked enough to buck her off.

Does it surprise you to learn Lisa Vanderpump was in a serious horse accident that resulted in her being hospitalized? Do you think she’ll be getting back on a horse any time soon? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest Bravo news.

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