Old Chrisley Family Photos: Has Lindsie Always Been Shunned?

Old Chrisley Family Photos: Has Lindsie Always Been Shunned? [Credit: YouTube]

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Kyle Chrisley shared throwback photos with his Papa on Instagram. Then, Chase Chrisley and Savannah Chrisley got into a nostalgic mood as well. Savannah took to her Instagram Stories to share an old photo she sent to Chase. It’s an adorable photo of the two from their childhood.

What’s also interesting is that Kyle shared childhood photos of himself with Chase and Savannah. They didn’t include their estranged sister Lindsie Chrisley in any of the photos. The old Chrisley family photos that surfaced online are only of these three family members.

What’s going on? Did the Chrisley family always shun Lindsie?

Savannah Chrisley shares old family photo

On Saturday, January 29, Savannah Chrisley took to her Instagram Stories to share an old photo of herself with her younger brother Chase Chrisley. The photo shows them when they were just little kids. It shows Chase styling his sister’s hair with a curling iron. She couldn’t believe the trouble they got into when they were little.

“Actually frightened looking back at this pic knowing that the curling iron was plugged in,” a message from their text exchange read.

Savannah captioned her Instagram Story: “Y’all…What!! Hahah @chasechrisley.”

Chase reciprocated the favor by posting the funny photo to his respective Instagram Story.

Lindsie Chrisley Talks About Chrisley Family [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]

Kyle Chrisley misses his grandfather

Savannah and Chase’s exchange comes after Kyle Chrisley admitted that he misses his grandpa Gene. On Friday, January 28, he took his Instagram grid to share throwback photos that showed him as a kid with Savannah and Chase. Lindsie is also missing from these old Chrisley family photos.

“Much simpler times and man I sure do miss my Papa,” Kyle Chrisley captioned the heartfelt photos.

He’s shared family photos before. However, none of them include Lindsie. He’s only seen with Chase and Savannah. It’s likely that Lindsie asked her family not to share any photos of her on social media. Yet, some fans have to wonder why she’s never included in any of these Chrisley family photos.

Kyle Chrisley Shares Old Chrisley Family Photos [Credit: Kyle Chrisley/Instagram]
[Credit: Kyle Chrisley/Instagram]

Lindsie Chrisley shunned from the family?

In September 2021, Lindsie Chrisley said she has no plans to reconcile with her father Todd Chrisley, or her family. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, she said that she didn’t appreciate it when her famous father talked about her in the media. It’s likely that Lindsie doesn’t want the family to mention her ever again. She probably likes it that way.

“Through therapy over the last year, I had just been advised by my therapist not to tune in, to not follow along on social media, things that were being posted because it’s triggering to me,” Lindsie told Entertainment Tonight. “So I try to distance myself from that as much as possible.”

Her family feels the same way. Todd also has no intentions of reconciling with his daughter “because the hurt is still there.” Lindsie has claimed that she was treated differently when Todd married Julie. She felt that she was shunned from the family.

Chase Chrisley Shares Old Chrisley Family Photo [Credit: Chase Chrisley/Instagram Stories]
[Credit: Chase Chrisley/Instagram Stories]
Lindsie alleged that Julie pushed her while filming Chrisley Knows Best. At that point, she was done with the family and the show. So, don’t expect Lindsie to pop up in any old Chrisley family photos anytime soon. It appears that Lindsie doesn’t miss her family and vice-versa.

What are your thoughts on the old Chrisley family photos? Do you think they shunned Lindsie even when she was younger? Or, do you think she just wants nothing to do with them? Sound off below in the comments section.

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