Kyle Chrisley Sending Cryptic Messages About Dad, What Now?

Kyle Chrisley Sending Cryptic Messages About Dad, What Now? [Credit: Instagram]

Kyle Chrisley just posted a cryptic message about his dad, Todd Chrisley. This comes months after he admitted that he betrayed him. The two were in an estranged relationship for a long time. In a previous season of Chrisley Knows Best, Nanny Faye told Todd that she was still in contact with Kyle.

Understandably, Todd was shocked. While he still loved his son, he wasn’t sure if he was ready to welcome him back into his life. He wanted to make sure that he could trust Kyle again. This led to Kyle making an appearance on the show.

Since then, the two have made up. However, Kyle is back to posting cryptic messages about Todd. What is he saying now?

Kyle Chrisley rarely posts on social media

He’s kept a low profile since his time on the show. In 2019, Kyle got sober and made amends with Todd. He slowly worked his way back into the family. The former reality star wound up in treatment for his bipolar disorder. He was diagnosed after he had a bad reaction to medication that caused him to have suicidal thoughts.

As a result, Kyle almost ended his own life. Thankfully, he was saved. Todd shared a photo of his son in the hospital room. He was surrounded by his family. Todd thanked God for stepping in during that dark time in his son’s life. This was a huge turning point for everyone involved.

Kyle Chrisley And Todd Chrisley [Credit: Kyle Chrisley/Instagram]
[Credit: Kyle Chrisley/Instagram]
Kyle has since worked on repairing his relationships with his family. He’s even worked on his strained relationship with his daughter. At first, he was not happy with Todd seeking sole custody of Chloe. But now, he’s grateful to him. He’s in awe over how much Chloe has grown over the years.

Kyle also wants to be a part of his daughter’s life. The two have been spending a lot of time together. While Kyle is hoping to have his father around more, he keeps posting cryptic messages about him. Read on to see what he had to say.

Kyle Chrisley And Chloe [Credit: Kyle Chrisley/Instagram]
[Credit: Kyle Chrisley/Instagram]

Writes a cryptic message about his famous father

On Wednesday, January 11, Kyle took to his Instagram Stories to post a new cryptic message about his father. He shared a quote that read: “Nobody has your back like your dad.” It sounds like Kyle and Todd are on good terms these days. It’s great to hear that they’ve been working on their relationship and it’s been doing so well.

Kyle Chrisley's Cryptic Message About Dad [Credit: Kyle Chrisley/Instagram Stories]
[Credit: Kyle Chrisley/Instagram Stories]
It can hurt to lose the ones closest to you. Some Chrisley Knows Best fans would love to see Kyle more on the show. However, they understand why he stepped back from the spotlight. What are your thoughts on Kyle Chrisley’s cryptic post about Todd Chrisley? Sound off below in the comment section.

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