‘Celebrity Big Brother’ 3 House Guests Give Wild Pre-Show Interviews

lamar odom and chris kirkpatrick celebrity big brother 3
Nick Davis

The roster for Celebrity Big Brother Season 3 is officially out there! And now that the first day of this new season is finally upon us, the cast have given pre-show interviews to Parade. In the interviews, they talk about their strategies going into the house, potential weaknesses, and what they hope to gain out of the Big Brother experience. So what did they say? And who seems like an early frontrunner based on their strategy talk? Let’s find out.

The Pre-Show Interviews

One of the early questions is “What’s something other house guests may dislike about you?” This is an interesting one as it gives the reader an insight into how the celebrities perceive themselves. Celebrities are notoriously seldom very good at perceiving themselves accurately. Case in point, when Cynthia Bailey responded to the question with “I don’t think the other houseguests are going to dislike anything about me really.” Very few make it to the end of Big Brother without ruffling at least a couple of feathers. It is the name of the game.

The next question asks the contestants if they plan on being more of a strategic threat or social butterfly. This prompted many interesting responses from the different players. Interestingly enough, only a single person seemed to show any interest in being a complete strategic mastermind. Todrick Hall of American Idol fame.

“I think the strategic mastermind is what I would rather be,” said Todrick.

todrick hall celebrity big brother 3
Todrick Hall

Everybody else’s answers generally fell under finding some happy medium between the two. With a couple aiming to be specifically social butterflies like Chris Kattan and Chris Kirkpatrick. Former UFC fighter Miesha Tate was the only one who fell outside the lines by saying she plans on centering her game around being physically dominant.

“I’m not a social butterfly. So I’ve got to be strong in the other areas,” said Miesha.

An answer like that showcases a deeper level of awareness than other contestants. But it’s also not necessarily a Big Brother winning strategy. Several winners in the past have used physicality to their advantage at important times in the game. But it’s a balance between that and having their social and strategic games in check that have rocketed them to success. A game centered around physical dominance is not one that has ever been seen having success in Big Brother history. But who knows? Only time will tell.

The Return To The BB House

It seems like a lot of these stars are here to win. It also seems like more than a few of them are well familiar with the game going into the house. This could be a spicy season, indeed. Celebrity Big Brother Season 3 kicks off on February 2nd.

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