‘Love During Lockup’: Tara Medlock Talks Prison Love And Connections

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Last week on Love During Lockup, Max got a rude awakening. He learned his inmate love, Tara was no longer incarcerated. Yes, she had been released and had not gotten around to telling him. Understandably, he was shocked by this news. However, as Tara Medlock shared on According to Amber, there was more than met the eye in her relationship with Max. Now she is once again opening up about prison relationships and why they can be more meaningful than in-person ones.

Max and Tara’s Love During Lockup

According to Max, he had found somewhat of a relationship with thirty-eight-year-old mom of two, Tara. Though she was currently in prison, they had been communicating and he was excited about her release. It was suspicious as to why he had to find someone behind bars. At just twenty-four, Max had a lot going for him. He had graduated from college and played Divison 1 football. After that, he pursued a masters in biochemistry. Additionally, he was a model and worked as an escort.

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Max’s Inmate GF, Tara

Furthermore, he had a large TikTok following and was on OnlyFans with his female roommate. The two also shared a bed since they were already hooking up on camera. Yet his heart belonged to Tara. He was a bit perturbed when they were supposed to have a video chat and she never showed up. However,  he refused to give up on Tara. Then, he did not hear from her so he and a friend decided to contact the prison. That was when he learned she had been released.

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Yet, around the same time of the episode, Tara spoke with According to Amber and shared she and Max were only ever just friends. Moreso, she revealed she was getting released shortly after she signed on to do the show which was not even her idea. She and Max had actually stopped talking for a short period of time when he got in contact again. This was when he proposed Love During Lockup to her and she was not a fan at first as she is not proud of this life. Yet, her family was supportive so she did it. Now she is doing another interview and explaining the appeal of having an inmate love interest.

Why Date An Inmate?

Tara just looked at Max as a friend. It did not go much deeper than that. However, she was a guest on Red Flags with Lily where she shared why someone would get into a prison relationship. It is more about an emotional and spiritual connection than anything else. When you are face to face, you are connecting with a body. It is easy to have that intimacy but in prison, that is all taken away. So you are forced to forge an intimate connection through someone’s words and letters.

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She also added there are times when a fellow inmate can ask you to write their sibling or a friend. So, it can become much more meaningful than in the outside world. Again, with Max, as she has addressed prior, she would try to go deep with him. Unfortunately, she claimed he was very much into himself and somewhat braggadocious. There was also an age difference that had her keeping a distance. Tara is a lot of fun to listen to and very down to earth. It is quite easy to see why the two never meshed in a romantic way.

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