‘Love During Lockup’ SPOILER: Is Tara Catfishing Max?

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Max has been a question mark character on the Love After Lockup spinoff, Love During Lockup. He is very into himself with quite an impressive resume to boot. One might wonder why he would want to be in a prison relationship in the first place. At this point, he and his inmate love, Tara Medlock have just exchanged messages. There has been no face-to-face interaction. Though she has accused him of being a catfish, viewers were starting to wonder if Tara was actually the one who was not real. Now, According to Amber has all the details on Tara and Max and it is not what anyone expected.

Max Finds Love During Lockup?

The premise of the spinoff is really getting to see what prison relationships are like from the beginning. It takes viewers through the nitty-gritty, the phone calls, and the stressors of being locked up. Max is someone who has not had much success in relationships. He grew up overweight and then decided to get in shape. During college, he played football and was considerably good at the sport. Post-grad, he went on to get a masters degree in biochemistry.

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Additionally, he works as an escort, has a large TikTok following, and has an OnlyFans account. As viewers eventually learned, he does his OF work with his female roommate, with whom he also shares a bed. The two met on Tinder but it turned into just a business relationship. Now, he has Tara, a mother of two with who he has been communicating.

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They were supposed to have a video call but she never showed up. This has led Max to wonder if there is any hope for a future together. Viewers have only seen photos of Tara but they have not met her yet. Finally, Tara is speaking out on who she is and yes, she is very real. A lot is actually uncovered about Max and it is actually on par with what fans would expect from him.

Who Is Tara?

Starcasm summed up the whole ATA interview and as it turns out, she was very hesitant about even joining the new series, getting released right after signing on. First off, she met Max via letters and email yet was not sure about anything more than a friendship. She is thirty-eight while he was only twenty-three. “He was persistent, and wanting to talk to me, and to meet me. I had nothing else better to do, so I was, like, ‘OK. Maybe we can just be friends, blah, blah.’ So, we started talking briefly.”

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However, the conversation was very much about Max and how great he was. Though she did not mind him talking about his accomplishments, she was ready to dig deeper. Tara cut contact and a month later, he was back asking her about doing a show with him. Max had contacted the series before he even knew if she would be interested which she initially wasn’t. This was not something she was totally proud of and wanted to shout from the rooftops.

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Her family was in full support but Tara needed some time which she would not get as Max had already moved forward. Luckily, Tara really liked the producers so she went ahead with it. The two had never spoken on the phone prior to the show and she did show up to the video chat, she just could not log on. Moreso, it was never romantic and she even tried to pawn him off on a fellow inmate who also said no thank you. Finally, Tara is currently married but did not mention if she is working things out with her husband.

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