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‘Love During Lockup’: Is Max The Real Deal?

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The Love After Lockup spinoff, Love During Lockup, premieres next month. The cast is just starting to be revealed and one new addition turning heads is Max. He is not only handsome but has a pretty extensive and impressive background. It would make one wonder why he would have to look for love online. Better yet, it would make viewers question if this guy is for real.

Lies and Love During Lockup

It is not unusual to lie in this franchise. Love During Lockup is the prelude to LAL, how the couple met, and the courting process. What the viewers hear about and only see in pictures. Yet, lying is always prevalent. Take Shawn for example. As he was pursuing Sara, he was also talking to Destinie who he proposed to, as well. This meant he stopped talking to Sara. When they reconnected, he lied about his age and how many kids he had. He waited until she had fallen for him to tell her the truth.

Life After Lockup Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

Daonte and Nicolle are another prime example of lies gone wrong. She was intimate with other women in prison while he remained completely faithful to her. He thought they were engaged upon giving her a ring but she denied that. Upon her release, she was using Daonte for money while texting other loves of her life. Both Love and Life After Lockup proved no one can be trusted. Therefore, why would Love During be any different?

Meet Max

He’s handsome, built, and educated. According to Starcasm, Max is every woman (and man’s) fantasy though he is very straight, according to his profile. He works as a male model and escort but he also holds a master’s degree in biochemistry from Georgetown. Additionally, he was a division 1 college football recruit. This was all listed on his Cowboys 4 Angels resume. Max boasts 70,000 followers on TikTok and has his own prominent OnlyFans account.

Credit: WEtv
Credit: WEtv

There is some speculation he might be using the popularity of this show to boost his career, given that he is real. The biggest question is why would a man with this background want or even need to use an inmate website. Furthermore, does the person he is courting even know he is an escort? Moreso is his backstory even one hundred percent true?

It appears he may be using the show as a way to grow his following or popularity. If he is, in fact, genuinely in love with the person he is speaking with, Max could just be looking for real love. In throwback photos discovered by Starcasm, he was not always a buff stud. Can’t always judge a book by its cover.

Meet Max and get to know him yourself when Love During Lockup premieres in January 2022 on WEtv.

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