‘Love During Lockup’ Sneak Peek: Max’s Secret X-Rated Life?

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Last week on the series premiere of Love During Lockup, viewers met a handful of new cast members. Most are either dating or are engaged to prison inmates. As for Max, he has been communicating with Tara who is currently behind bars. However, they have never actually had a face-to-face conversation, even via video chat. Though there is some known about Max, more has come to light about how he supports himself. Needless to say, he already has a built-in fanbase.

Meet Max On Love During Lockup

Max grew up overweight. It was a real struggle for him which is why he decided to get into such amazing shape. He boasts an extensive background as a former Division 1 college football recruit. Additionally, he claims to have a master’s in biochemistry from Georgetown. Some of these claims were not able to be verified by Starcasm but they also have no backing to believe they are false.

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Yet, his rescue is not all about his educational and athletic achievements. He relies heavily on his looks, which viewers may have noticed on the premiere. Max has a very dedicated skin regime and is extremely into fitness. His primary work is as a male model as well as an escort. Additionally, he has amassed a large following on TikTok boasting 70,000 followers.

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Max’s Inmate GF, Tara

So, why date an inmate? Max shares he has dated in his local area but it has failed too many times. Therefore, he went to an inmate site during breaks from school. He proceeded to seek out the best-looking girls and felt this was the best route for him. It allowed him to create a genuine connection with no risk of infidelity. More so, it would allow him to break free from someone who is a business partner in a very intimate way.

Max’s X-Rated Life and Needy Roomie

Aside from being an escort, model, and TikTok celeb, Max also makes money another way. Along with his roommate, Alessa, the two have an OnlyFans account. In a sneak peek, the two are sitting down for pasta and they are talking about content. Alessa notes they have not done anything for some time now and this is when Max starts to go deeper into their relationship. They are just friends who do intimate scenes with one another.

Love During Lockup Credit: YouTube

Yet, there is more. Max and Alessa met on Tinder and now live together. They do not have separate rooms or beds. Rather they share one bed because Max feels there is not enough room for two. Plus, he says they are already hooking up so why not share a bed? Alessa asks him about his prison girlfriend, Tara and he tells her that she never showed up for their call. To Alessa, Tara is just using him for money though he says he has never sent her any.  

It appears she is getting jealous that her “man” is now interested in someone else. Max reiterates they are just in a business, that she is his business partner but it is yet to be seen if this will hold true. Find out how Max, Alessa, and Tara will continue to evolve on Love During Lockup Fridays on WEtv.


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