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‘My 600-Lb. Life’ Exclusive: ‘Cousin’ Daisy Bursts Larry’s Bubble Of Lies

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For this My 600-Lb. Life exclusive, TvShowsAce sat down with Larry Myers’ “cousin” Daisy. Daisy spent about half an hour on the phone with us bursting Larry’s bubble of lies. What tea did his cousin have to spill with us? Keep reading for all of the exclusive details.

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Why is the word “cousin” in quotes?

The very first thing Larry’s “cousin” Daisy told us was that we could drop referring to her as his cousin. She explained to us that she was NOT Larry’s cousin. In fact, she was not related to him and barely knew him. According to Daisy, Larry first reached out to her asking for money. He told her he needed money for a plane ticket so he could travel from New York to Houston, Texas. Drawing the connection between his size and where he was trying to go, she just assumed he had to be going to meet Dr. Now. She admits he got pretty defensive when she asked if that was what he was doing. Per his contract, this wasn’t information he could reveal.

Daisy tells us after getting to know Larry just a little bit, he asked her if she wanted to be on television with him. He explained he was going to be on the show. But, he needed somewhere to go and film when he got to Houston. This was when he told her that she would have to lie and say she was his cousin. She didn’t flat out tell him no, but she didn’t say yes either.

my 600 lb life larry meyers - cousn daisy

Time passed and Daisy didn’t hear anything from Larry Myers. Out of the blue, she gets a phone call from Larry Myers. He tells her that he’s in Houston and they want to film at her house the following day. A mother with multiple young children is given less than 24 hours’ notice about something she never completely said yes to in the first place.

Now, Daisy did blow up in a few Facebook groups in the morning on the day the episode dropped on Discovery+. She admitted to us she had not watched the episode. It was something Larry Myers said on Facebook that set her off. She explained to us that her one condition with being on the show was she didn’t want her children to be involved. Having to take off work from her multiple jobs, she required compensation for her child care services. She tells us she was NEVER given this money. Moreover, there are screenshots of Larry Myers insisting she just wanted to make money and step into the spotlight during his show. He claimed the kids were “upstairs” and never in the daycare she claimed she sent them to.

Daisy tells us she admits she may have not reacted to the situation the right way. But, her protective mama bear instincts kicked in when she caught wind of Larry lying about her and her children on social media.

my 600 lb life larry meyers

My 600-Lb. Life: Daisy burst Larry’s bubble of lies

As we previously reported, this is not Larry’s first weight loss rodeo. There was a whole news segment done on him being the man who lost over 700 pounds after weighing just shy of a ton. Daisy tells us that Larry kept his weight loss surgery on the down low the first time he lost a bunch of weight. Referring to himself as the “jello cup man” she explains there was a time when he insisted he did all of the work to lose the weight on his own.

my 600lb life larry meyers

Daisy tells us that Larry lied about her being his cousin simply because he had no one else and didn’t want to be alone. She also pointed out that Larry is a performer that has tried to get on My 600-Lb. Life for years. Daisy believed getting on the show was never about losing weight for Larry Myers. She speculated he got on the show just because he wanted to get his singing in front of more people. Her theory isn’t too far out there as Larry broke into song frequently while doing everyday tasks.


Daisy talking to us exclusively was not because she wanted to drag Larry through the mud. She ended her phone call by telling us she wishes nothing but the best for him. She, however, wanted her side of the story out there after she learned Larry was dragging her name through the mud on social media.

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What do you think about what “cousin” Daisy had to say regarding Larry Myers? Let us know your thoughts on this My 600-Lb. Life exclusive in the comments down below.

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