Gold Rush Fans Sound Off On Least-Favorite Episode [Screenshot | Discovery]

‘Gold Rush’ Fans Sound Off On Least-Favorite Episode

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Gold Rush fans shared what they think is the worst episode ever. The show grew in popularity over the years. It’s not going to die down anytime soon even though it had an off episode. The Discovery series centers around the gold mining operations in North America and South America.

Fans have wondered if the show is staged. Despite this latest criticism, it has led to many spin-offs that follow the same premise. The series follows the lives of the miners and their dangerous adventures. The mining world is a high-stakes industry for the crews that have viewers tuning in every week. While this formula hasn’t gotten old for fans, there is one episode they would like to forget.

Gold Rush fans vote on the worst episode

Gold Rush has the perfect mix of intrigue and drama that you won’t find with most reality shows that are scripted. It’s no secret that production likes to drum up drama. The show has gone on for 12 seasons and counting, and won’t let out of steam anytime soon. Yet, there was one episode that viewers didn’t enjoy watching.

Some Gold Rush fans called it the worst episode of the entire series. This episode was not the result of a prank gone wrong or a controversial moment. The reason why it was so bad is that it was a glorified clip show, per Looper. Fans on IMDb voted Season 9, Episode 17 titled “Gold Gurus” as the worst episode in Gold Rush history.

Gold Rush Season 9 [Screenshot | Discovery]
[Screenshot | Discovery]
At the time of this writing, it has 4.3 stars out of 10. Most of the other episodes have a rating of 6.7. Most viewers couldn’t help but notice how glaringly different the format for this episode was. “Gold Gurus” was a filler episode that showed clips from previous episodes.

While the clip show episode format is easy for TV shows to make, it’s hated among fans. These types of episodes featured old scenes. Some viewers criticized the show for rehashing drama or old content to reach their episode count. Clip shows are common in both fiction and non-fiction shows, even though people hate them.

Discovery show is still beloved by fans

Aside from this episode, Gold Rush is still going strong. Fans love the show no matter what. They just hope that the show won’t air another clip show episode again. Per The Independent, these episodes have built up a bad reputation over the years as they offer nothing more than just filler. Other than that, viewers will continue to watch the series and its many spinoff shows.

“Gold Gurus” didn’t provide anything to Gold Rush Season 9. While most of the clips were from episodes that fans loved watching, they didn’t want to see an episode like that again. They would rather tune in to see fresh drama. Recapping the events of the season is redundant since they already know what happened. This episode is only good for those who missed much of Season 9.

What do you think is the worst episode of Gold Rush? What’s your favorite episode? What are your thoughts on clip show episodes? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Worst episode? Any episode that had the Hoffman’s on it. They were so cocky about mining for gold when they knew absolutely nothing about it and made complete and utter fools of themselves on a weekly basis. Then Todd decides to quit mining for gold and become a country singer. Only one problem – he can’t sing. It’s like, “whats wrong with you? How many mid-life crisises are you going to have before just buying a new motorcycle and going back to your old life?

    1. I was skeptical when i heard Todd Hoffman was attempting to make a singing career, too. Then i came across a video of him singing on YouTube and… he’s Got Pipes… Todd can sing and he sounds Great!!
      His cover of Sound of Silence..

  2. My all time favorite was when grandpa John came to the Yukon site and saw Parker’s operation for the first time. For a 25 year old, Parker has taken some big risks that paid off, ad things like moving the equipment closer to the pay, has really saved a lot of trucking. The young buck has a big set of balls.

  3. I have watched GoldRush since it’s first episode and generally like the show but that past couple years have found it to be somewhat mundane. Everybody can have a dud from time to time so I can’t be too critical. I know it is hard to make a long lasting show featuring dozers and excavators because there is only so much that you can do with huge equipment. Discovery should do a couple episodes of my newly patented wash plant It has several advantages over the old technology. If Discovery is interested, my email is [email protected]

  4. The worst episode, in my opinion, is yet to come. It is when the Beets baby is old enough to talk and sounds like his Grandfather and uncles.

  5. Any and all episodes that had Ricks so called girlfriend. Haven’t seen it the last couple weeks. Thank God
    Any and all Episodes with Todd Hoffman

  6. Just eliminate the whitewater guys swimming for gold. Nobody watches it. Would rather see The Dirt episodes with Tony, Parker, Rick, and Fred

  7. Instead of packing different programs together in a 3 hour plus show please separate them so that you don’t plug up my dvr.

  8. Adding the half ounce wonders,the Lewis(or are they really the Hofmins)crew is really the joke of all jokes. Any and all companies that perform that poorly are listed in only one category…..Bankrupt!!! I thank them for their service,but please do us all a service and give up gold mining.

  9. I met the one of these actors who drives the Heavey machinery. I went up to him and said I knew him from somewhere. He tried to get me to leave. I kept saying I knew him from somewhere. After 2 failed attempts he told me who he was. He said he was on this show and he was an actor and that he had never actually tried to retrieve gold in his life. Reality means let’s put something untrue on tv that people will watch. The guy reluctantly told me the show was a sham. It’s not real folks

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