Jenelle Evans' Repeat Lingerie Has Followers Asking Hard Questions [Credit: Jenelle Evans/Instagram]

Jenelle Evans’ Repeat Lingerie Has Her Followers Asking Hard Questions

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Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans is criticized for repeating lingerie. Fans think she “never does laundry” since she was caught wearing the same “dirty lingerie” in her latest TikTok video. The 30-year-old took to the social media app to show off her dance moves. Yet, fans couldn’t help but notice that she’s been repeating outfits in her videos lately.

The former Teen Mom 2 star wore a black lace bodysuit with gray sweatpants. Jenelle Evans got down to the song “Rake It Up” by Yo Gotti. She captioned the post: “Another one” with both the shrug and celebratory emojis. Fans recognized the lingerie from another video and had the proof to back it up.

Jenelle Evans caught wearing the same lingerie

On Friday, January 21, Jenelle Evans was in a good mood. Despite her health issues, she danced it out to the hip-hop song. The MTV star waved her hands around and put them up in the air. She showed off her curves in the lacy black bodysuit, which she wore with oversized gray sweatpants.

Teen Mom fans took to Reddit to talk about that video. One Redditor made a collage from most of her TikTok clips. In all of the screenshots, Jenelle Evans wore the black lacy number. A fan first shared the collage on Instagram.

Jenelle Evans And David Eason On Vacation [Credit: Jenelle Evans/Instagram]
[Credit: Jenelle Evans/Instagram]
“So far she has posted 10 videos in that horrible getup. The 1st one being on her stories with the rest being tiktoks [SIC],” the Instagram post read. “Jenelle was very busy that one day 2 weeks ago when she did her hair & make up [SIC]. She wore her best size 6 (almost size 4) jeans, black lace bodysuit.”

The Redditor titled the thread: “Jenelle and her crusty swamp lingerie.” Fans speculated whether Jenelle Evans loves wearing that same lingerie or doesn’t do laundry. Most of them took to the comment section and claim that her outfit hasn’t “been washed a single time in between videos.” However, it’s common for most public figures to film their TikTok videos in one day while wearing the same outfit.

Jenelle Evans Dancing In Lingerie On TikTok [Screenshot | TikTok]
[Screenshot | TikTok]

Teen Mom fans think she doesn’t do laundry

Some fans think Jenelle Evans “never does laundry.” Most accused her of repeating outfits. Meanwhile, others couldn’t help but notice the piles of laundry around her home. Here are just some of the comments:

  • “I can’t snark on having a mound of unfolded laundry because I have a mound of unfolded laundry.”
  • “Girl, wash that in a bath with…warm water, cleansing stuff, and air dry.”
  • “I feel like she’s washed this ‘top’ like once maybe if that.”
  • “Me looking at the pile of clothes I move from the bed to the chair and back daily instead of folding them.”

Jenelle Evans: Outfit Repeater? [Screenshot | Instagram]
[Screenshot | Instagram]
One fan wondered if Jenelle Evans and her husband David Eason ever got their washing machine fixed. The couple previously claimed that her washer was broken. What are your thoughts on Jenelle’s TikTok videos? Do you agree that she likes to repeat outfits? Sound off below in the comment section.

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