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Jenelle Evans Worries About Heart Issues After Tumor Diagnosis

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Jenelle Evans reveals she is starting off the New Year by adding some new health concerns to her long list of ailments. While 2021 is behind her, Jenelle claims she is nowhere near out of the woods for 2022 as far as her health is concerned. In fact, things could be even worse than she originally thought.

Last year the mom of three revealed she was suffering from a serious health crisis. Evans often took to social media to update her followers on her condition. She explained in great detail to her fans that she was suffering from an illness called Syringomyelia, a condition that causes fluid-filled cysts to grow on the spinal cord.

In a new TikTok, per The Sun, Jenelle responds to numerous comments from followers who are questioning the seriousness of Evans’ health issues. Fans began calling Jenelle out following a recent dance video revealing the former reality star twerking after claiming she has been in constant and agonizing pain.

Jenelle Evans Visits Neurosurgeon, Fears Being Handicapped [Screenshot | YouTube]
Credit: YouTube

Jenelle Evans To Undergo Heart Tests

One follower writes, “Looks like your back is fine now wish my cancers would heal this fast so I can enjoy the day with my kids.”

Jenelle was quick to respond to the criticism stating, “Whatever you want to think. This was a draft. Now I’m having blood circulation tests done to see if my heart is ok. So yeah guess I’m just fine.”

The clip reveals Jenelle appearing in baggy sweats and seemingly stumbling around a bit before she approaches the camera closer and begins twerking. She captions the posts, “Barley surviving 2021 and stepping into 2022 like…”

During TV Shows Ace’s past posts, Evans has been regularly updating fans about her stressful health issues. In December, she pleaded for her followers to pray for her. She went into detail to say she has lost her ‘spark’ and ‘motivation.’

No Spark Left In Jenelle Evans

Teen Mom news followers are having a difficult time feeling sympathy for Jenelle these days. For several months, Evans is seen day to day drinking and dancing. However, she continues to state she is in dire straits with her health.

Over the summer Jenelle claimed in one post she is left in fear that she will become disabled, and on most days is so weak from the pain she is unable to work. She later followed up with videos of herself and her husband David Eason partying and dancing.

Credit:Jenelle Evans Instagram
Credit: Jenelle Evans Instagram

Seeing Is Believing

It is easy to see how Evans’ followers are having a hard time believing all that Jenelle is claiming. Especially following her cringeworthy 30th Birthday video on December 19. In the video, Jenelle is seen wearing a tiny red dress and can be seen twerking frantically, while sporting heels. Fans viewing the video immediately began dragging Jenelle.

Credit: TikTok
Credit: TikTok

“For someone in so much pain, you sure are having no problems dancing around in those spiky heels.”Another writes, “Jenelle is just looking for attention again, how can anyone believe anything she says?”

It seems clear to her followers that 2022 is looking to be a very similar year for Jenelle Evans, especially where social media is concerned. Do you believe Jenelle is as ill as she claims, or is she exaggerating looking for attention?


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