Jacob Roloff Blasts Tori & Zach As Disrespectful & Uncaring People

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Former Little People, Big World star Jacob Roloff is putting his family on blast. This time, he’s calling out his brother, Zach, and sister-in-law, Tori. What’s going down between Zach, Tori, and Jacob Roloff?

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As we reported, Tori came out and revealed where she stands when it comes to face masks. She and Zach have both been sharing more openly about this controversial topic. Zach started the conversation by posting a link to an article titled “The Cult of Masked Schoolchildren.”

Then, Tori reshared the article on her own story. Following up on the article, the LPBW star made another story clarifying her stance on the whole mask situation. She states that she is “pro-choice.”

Tori Roloff Instagram
Tori Roloff Instagram
Tori Roloff Instagram

Jacob Roloff responds to Zach & Tori’s stance on face masks.

After seeing what his relatives had to say about face masks, Jacob Roloff decided to get involved. On his own Instagram stories, he shared a post about face masks, vaccinations, and Covid. While it’s possible that he simply wanted to share this post with his followers, the timing is very interesting.

On his Instagram story, Jacob shared a tweet, which notes that there have been “more deaths than 9/11 every day.”

In addition to the tweet, he wrote, “Get vaccinated and wear masks people. It’s not just a bad medical decision to not do so (although it mainly is), it’s also socially disrespectful and uncaring. Not everyone can be so cavalier about Long Covid!”

Then, he continues, “And in a pandemic we are acutely interdependent. Individual choices affect the whole, and a choice that endangers the social whole is not a valid or a good one.”

Jacob Roloff Instagram
Jacob Roloff Instagram

So far, Zach and Tori haven’t posted any stories that seem to be in response to Jacob Roloff’s post. So, fans will have to wait and see if anything else publicly goes down between the siblings and in-laws.

Of course, there’s no way to know for sure whether Jacob wanted Zach and Tori to see this post. But, based on what Jacob said and the timing of his message, it certainly seems to be directed at Zach and Tori.

So, what do you think of Jacob Roloff’s statement on Tori and Zach’s recent Instagram stories? Do you appreciate him speaking out on this topic? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about the Roloff family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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  1. I think Jacob and wife should keep quiet they just showed up when desperate times arrived . U sound like Harry, a whiner!

    1. Jacob is a whiney brat.
      He only sounds off when he thinks he will get the most attention, then he fades away until the next ” social issue”.
      Grow up Lil boy.

    2. Jacob ,You talk about DISRESPECT!!!!! If I remember’ wasn’t long ago all we Heard from you was disrespect for your hole family and show!! Please go Back and Read some of the things you said!!!! then Talk about disrespect’ stay out of things you are Not apart of” now that money is involved’ you come out of the woodwork> RES PECT GETS RESPECT!!! DISRESPECT GETS DISRESPECT!!! plus your a couple years Older now” GROWING UP CAN BE A ” B “

  2. Best be cautious..as airing your opinion could cause a ratings drop… and as your lively hood.. that might not be a good thing.. better to sit on the fence cowboy… then to jump on one side or the other..

  3. They can all be right although I wish everyone would get vaccinated and boosted. It does help, if we are to get a handle on this and keep this variants away or at least at bay the only way to do that is for everyone to get vaccinated. That’s why we keep getting this stuff and people are dying needlessly is because we don’t get vaccinated. It only takes 5 mins of your time.
    On the other hand I also believe it’s up to the individual whether they want to or not to live or die is basically what it really comes down to. I’m 67 yrs old and I want to live to see my grandkids grow up, I didn’t want to be in hosp with a ventilator and be dying and not be able to say goodbye to family, tell my husband I love him, dye on my own, I myself didn’t want that. Some don’t care and that’s why it’s everyone choice. If you are a parent or just really looking forward to your wedding or anything else wouldn’t you like to watch your kids grow go to college and get married or see your beautiful wedding, etc.
    I’m just glad I got vaccinated and boosted especially with my health issues.
    Please everyone have a great day.

    1. The roloffs are just publicity seeking. Who would tori be without bring a roloff?
      my advice is simply this.get off social media, live like 99.9 % of the world live, stay private and raise your children out of the camera. And really who cares about your views?

      1. Thats RUDE!!!! She is apart of that family Now” she has a rite to voice her Opinion” Just as Much as your Mother has a rite to voice hers about Her Family. man!!!!!!

    2. Its everyone’s personal choice I agreen with tori I don’t have it then I’m not spreading it to anyone I wear a mask out due to the people out there who do have it. Jacob seems to be very left wanting to tell everyone else what to do. Get over yourself jacob

  4. Jacob left the show because he couldn’t handle the cameras, directions and the publicity back then. Now he’s been back for what 9-12 months and he’s making comments about his brother and sister-in-law? I was wondering why Zach, Tori and the kids moved out of state. It could be for any reason but it just seems strange Jacob comes back and they leave. I was a nurse but am 100% disabled but I became a nurse because I believe in the science of illnesses and the fight to find cures. We may not be able to cure everything but we strive as humans to do our best. I am fully vaxxed and boosted and yes wear a mask whenever I go outside for visits or errands. If those who choose to do neither I ask this—when you get sick do you see a doctor? When you get hurt do you see a doctor or ho to the hospital? If you have a headache or fever do you take medications? Do you have a chronic health issue do you take medications to manage it/them? If you trust the medical professionals to help make you feel better then why don’t you trust them with this pandemic vaccines?? I have lost too many friends and family members because they got COVID-19 but they couldn’t recover from it. If you don’t want the vaccine or booster that’s fine but at least wear a mask when out in public. And I x you should contract COVID-19 I don’t want to hear 1 word out of you on your death bed saying I wish I had gotten the shots. You have had well over 1.5 years. I am sorry that you are dying (I don’t want anyone to die from this disease) but it was your choice. Not mine. I have a compromised immune system and I don’t want to get any other health condition that I may be able to protect myself from. As a child we were vaccinated against Polio, measles, mumps and several others. They weren’t my choice but my parents wanted to protect us as best they could. The child and school issues are a private matter and are heated arguments waiting to happen. Remember this please: there are more survivors of this pandemic then those who have passed on. If these shots didn’t help protect us wouldn’t more people have died? Just saying.

  5. You could have it and not kniw it and pass it to someone with no immune system and they could die. It is a shame that you could live with that on your conscience that is if u have one

  6. Masks have become political.
    There should be mask mandates again.
    Our whole family got covid.
    Including our 6 & 8 yr old grandkids.
    We were all vaccinated and I was boostered.

  7. Thats RUDE!!!! She is apart of that family Now” she has a rite to voice her Opinion” Just as Much as your Mother has a rite to voice hers about Her Family. man!!!!!!

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