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‘LPBW’ Fans Urge Tori Roloff To Learn The Definition Of Pro-Choice

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LPBW fans think it’s time for Tori Roloff to learn a thing or two. The TLC star is using the term pro-choice, but fans are convinced she has no idea what it actually means. She’s getting quite a bit of backlash for how she’s using it and fans want her to realize what the term actually means.

On her Instagram stories over the weekend, Tori Roloff got pretty political. First, she shared her husband Zach Roloff‘s Instagram story, which included a link to an article. The article is titled “The Cult of Masked Schoolchildren.”

Tori Roloff, YouTube

Tori encouraged her husband to continue speaking about the topic, writing, “Louder for the people in the back babe uh!”

Tori Roloff Instagram
Tori Roloff Instagram

However, she must have gotten lots of messages from LPBW fans about the post. She shared a follow-up story, explaining herself. She wrote, “It’s clear many just read the header and not the article: Z and I are not anti mask but we are pro choice. If you believe masks work so well then wear one and you will receive no judgment from us.”

Then, she added, “However we would expect the same grace be given to others who believe differently.”

Tori Roloff Instagram
Tori Roloff Instagram

LPBW fans call out Tori Roloff for not knowing what pro-choice means.

Over on RedditLPBW viewers are discussing the new post that Tori Roloff shared on social media. Some of the folks on the subreddit are fans, while others are more critical of the Roloff family.

Many of them think it’s interesting that she is using the term “pro-choice” while talking about masks. Typically, the pro-choice argument is used when it comes to the topic of abortion.

One user writes, “You’re using that phrase wrong, Tori.” Someone else adds, “Pro choice…interesting choice of words.”

Another user points out that Tori wouldn’t always take the “pro-choice” stance, however. They write, “She’s only pro doing what she wants to do.”

Another fan brings Audrey Roloff into the discussion, too. They add, “They are only pro choice when it comes to masks and vaccines. I’m sure Audrey is their health guru.”

So, do you think that Tori Roloff should learn what pro-choice actually means before she begins using the term? Do you agree with LPBW fans’ comments about the whole situation? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about the Roloff family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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  1. Just freaking wear a mask and help set an example for other people to do so as well. Wearing a mask not only protects yourself, but also protects others. If you, all of you, but especially Tori Roloff wants things to go back to “normal” or as normal as possible, which I’m sure you do, then wearing a mask is one of the best ways for that to happen along with getting a vaccine and booster. Wearing a mask is not a pro choice issue as it effects everyone if you don’t wear one, not just yourself, so there’s a reason that businesses are requiring masks and not making wearing one a choice.

  2. The reason for the entire mask-up policy is money. Do a little digging into the entire pandemic / mask/ vaccine thing, follow the money. Tori has a right to use the words pro choice in her stance on masking up. One can be pro-choice about any topic.

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