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Did Isabel & Jacob Roloff Give Amy Permission To Post Mateo?

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Amy Roloff caught LPBW fans off guard a little when she posted a collection of photos that included Isabel and Jacob’s son Mateo. Jacob made it clear pretty early on in the pregnancy that fans of Little People, Big World would never have the pleasure of “meeting” his son. The two have discussed Mateo on Instagram and they’ve posted several photos of him. But, they refuse to post a photo of his face.

Jacob Roloff, Isabel Roloff Instagram

Now, Jacob Roloff has clapped back at a few trolls that have complained about this parenting choice. He, however, never felt it necessary to go into detail about his decision. His wife Isabel Roloff has always been an eloquent writer on Instagram. So, she didn’t hesitate to explain the decision to her followers. The explanation was pretty simple. It was a matter of privacy. They didn’t want his face on social media or inside of a media outlet’s post.

Isabel Roloff
Isabel Roloff – Instagram

Isabel and Jacob Roloff decided to respect and protect their son’s privacy. When Mateo is much older, he can step into the spotlight and show his face if he decides that is what he wants. With all of this in mind, fans were a bit baffled by Amy’s family photos including Mateo. Did Isabel and Jacob allow her to post these photos?

Perhaps Isabel received messages from concerned fans because she took to her Instagram Stories this morning to address the issue.

Isabel Roloff addresses Amy’s pictures of Mateo

On her Instagram Stories, Isabel explains Mateo can be involved in family photos and videos. Likewise, she indirectly reassured everyone that Amy Roloff did have permission to post these photos. Isabel actually used one of Amy’s photos as she opened up about it.

isabel roloff - amy roloff instagram

According to Isabel Roloff, LPBW fans could expect photos and videos like this of their son Mateo. What Isabel and Jacob do not want is for Mateo’s face to be visible in any of the photos. And, this was something Amy respected with the photos she posted on her profile.

Amy Roloff Instagram

Isabel Roloff noted that the photo Amy posted was a “good example” of how Mateo could still be involved. It was just important to her and Jacob that his face was not visible in these pictures.

Did the photos Amy Roloff posted on her profile surprise you? Were you worried she did not have Isabel and Jacob’s permission to post them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on Isabel and Jacob Roloff.

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  1. I really commend and admire Jacob and Isabell Rolloffs descion to not post photos of their sons face on social media, hopefully everyone else can respect and stick by their decision.
    In this day and age of modern technology and so many social media platforms privacy is extremely hard to come by and children, especially those who are thrown in to the spotlight don’t have the luxury of maintaining a private life, by Isabell and jacob making the conscious choice NOT to have their child’s face shown until he is old enough to make his own choices is an example of amazing parenting, Isabell and Jacob are protecting their child (and not cashing in by ‘selling ‘ off photos of him) which is extremely rare these days where there’s so many people profiting off an innocent child.
    Isabell and Jacob are a couple that i definitely admire and respect, I just hope that their family and friends respect their wishes and not take it upon themselves to post the photos they may have of Mateo.

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