Shock Footage: ‘My Killer Body with K. Michelle’ Shows Graphic Surgical Damage

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Warning: The video preview for My Killer Body with K. Michelle shows actual surgical procedures and patients who unscrupulous doctors have maimed.

Lifetime has a new series starring K. Michelle, a personal and graphic reveal of people’s shoddy plastic surgery. It is disturbing, and a growing concern as Tik Tok and Instagram have fueled a body dysmorphia among many people to be perfect no matter the cost.

And the shortcuts of having liposuction or “mommy makeover” surgery done by people less than qualified to do these dangerous operations have people all over the country suffering and even dying.

The chase for a perfect body and face can create a nightmarish scenario for people desperate to change. They elect risky surgeries with unqualified surgeons, doctors, and in-office injectable treatments. They all want to look like a model, but risk death, mutilation, pain, and suffering, and often will never be the same.

TV Shows Ace spoke to a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

My Killer Body with K. Michelle gives candid footage and interviews from people who went in for bodywork or facework and wound up disfigured and nearly dead.

Unfortunately, many people died from these procedures over the years.

When Lifetime announced the series,  TV Shows Ace spoke to Dr. Constantino Mendieta of Miami, Florida.

Dr. Mendieta is a world-renowned board-certified plastic surgeon and is considered top in his reconstructive body surgery field. He shared that he had to undo the damage caused by many back alley injectors and unqualified doctors. His clients range from everyday people to top models and famous actors who appreciate his careful and honest approach to achievable results with their bodies.

He said: “People need to be educated on plastic surgery, know your doctor, and find out if they are board-certified in plastic surgery. You must do the research, and only after you have done your homework should you have plastic surgery.”

Dr. Mendieta added: “Remember you get what you pay for, and if a ‘too good to be a true deal’ presents itself or worse, paying a back alley person who has no medical training, then you are at great risk of creating physical, mental and emotional scars that will last a lifetime and usually cannot be corrected.”

Noting that he sees many patients who come to him after a bad procedure suffering unbearable pain, he said: “You will have years of pain and misery and spend a fortune in trying to undo any botched treatment. So it is best not to do anything rather than take such a risk.”

About the series

K. Michelle takes us behind the scenes with real people and botched plastic surgery. Pic credit: Lifetime

R&B chart-topper K. Michelle exposed her misery and suffering, knowing it could end her career. She was one of the first celebrities to overcome her health struggles after silicone injections nearly killed her. Her mission is to educate, and she hopes that the series will help men and women desperate to correct plastic surgery procedures get their lives back in order.

Each episode will follow two patients who desperately need help, as well as K. Michelle’s ongoing personal story.

Fortunately, K. Michelle can work and live everyday life. She also stars in Lifetime’s upcoming film, Single Black Female, alongside Raven Goodwin and Amber Riley. Single Black Female will premiere in 2022.

Creatives behind the series

My Killer Body with K. Michelle is a Jesse Collins Entertainment and Kingdom Reign Entertainment production executive produced by Kimberly Pate. Jesse Collins and Dionne Harmon executive produce for Jesse Collins Entertainment.

Executive producers are Carlos King and Scott Shatsky for Kingdom Reign Entertainment. Brandon Wilson and Patrick McCabe are also executive producers.

Brie Miranda Bryant and Kimberly Chessler serve as executive producers for Lifetime.

Warning: Explicit footage

My Killer Body with K. Michelle Series premieres on February 3rd at 9 pm/8c. Sneak Peek airs January 28th at 10 pm/9c

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