Kody & Robyn Brown Busted, Caught In A Lie By Fans

Kody and Robyn Brown were busted by Sister Wives fans and caught in a lie recently. What were they busted doing? And, what did they lie about? Keep reading for the details.

Kody Brown and Robyn were spotted enjoying an intimate moment

According to chatter across multiple social media platforms, a Sister Wives fan spotted Kody and Robyn Brown enjoying an intimate dinner together. The table had fancy glassware and what looked like a candle or tea light as the centerpiece. As we previously reported, the TLC personalities were also spotted about a month ago.

They were shopping for unmentionables at Victoria’s Secret. At the time, fans were most disgusted by the lack of face masks. Wasn’t it a bit hypocritical for the Sister Wives husband to walk around a shopping mall without a mask on his face?

kody and robbyn brown screenshot facebook

Sister Wives fans bust them, catch them in a lie

Now, the Sister Wives fan did more than just take a photo of Kody and Robyn Brown as they enjoyed their intimate moment together. The individual took notes of what the TLC personalities were doing and spilled all of the tea. Simply by the picture, fans noticed Robyn Brown had a tall glass filled with bubbly. Fans thought this was interesting because everyone in Kody Brown’s family swears up and down they don’t consume alcohol.

sw screenshot


The Sister Wives fan that busted the TLC couple also caught them in a lie. They revealed that Robyn Brown did have a tall glass of bubbly. But, that wasn’t all. Kody Brown also ordered himself a beer to enjoy. These beverage choices directly contradicted the family swearing they never consume booze.

In the comments, fans were quick to point out it wasn’t that long ago that Meri Brown was plastered while going live on Instagram. Fans agree Meri regularly appears to be buzzed during her Fridays with Friends sessions on Instagram. In response to the accusation, Meri Brown doubles down on the fact that she doesn’t drink booze.

Robyn and Kody intimate photo - twitter

Considering these are all adults, Sister Wives fans find it a bit baffling that none of them want to admit to consuming a glass of bubbly every now and then. Unfortunately for Kody and Robyn, their lies won’t hold up anymore as they were both caught by a fan with alcohol in hand.

Are you surprised with what Sister Wives fans busted Kody and Robyn Brown doing? Why do you think they lie about this? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest Sister Wives news.

Allie Johnson


  1. kody kody kody..your young teen using women to take care of you..fbi should check you out…why are you on air at all..you don t know how to love or be a husband or father…ALL ABOUT MONEY AN THINKING YOUR ALL THAY..WHERES THE MEN IN W..HITE JACKETS THEY NEED TO PUT YOU IN PRISON ALONG W TRUMP..YES YOUR BOTH NOTHING.But a Person..take a drink to that…I’m not watching this show ever again..

    1. I think that people can be so hard on other people… Are you the same person that you are at 20 than when your 40ish?? I know I am not, that sweetie is called growth. It happens every day. Quit be so judgemental … And nasty!!! Ps. Reread how you wrote your opinion..

    2. I agree take him off the air. He isn’t interesting anymore. He is actually boring. He really is only devoted to one wife. I really wonder why he hasn’t found any replacement wives yet. Maybe Robin has told him no more wives for you. Nancy

    3. Weird response. I can’t stand to look at Kody but really bringing up Trump? Some people just can’t leave politics out of any of thing. Sorry but politics seem so outrageously ridiculous that it just looks unstable. Good luck on your tirade. Good luck with that heart of hate you are carrying around. You have plenty of company just like you. Why don’t you try a bit of self growth and while your at it maybe a bit of thinking for yourself. I know your not a critical thinker just someone who does what their ‘trustee’ news tells them but it may do you some good. Good luck…
      the rest of the world isnt brainwashed with politics

        1. Exactly she has her own opinion, this still a few country. Whether you dislike trump or not, has nothing to do with this piece. I just don’t understand why everyone has to jump on her for it. And then the ones say she a Hillary lover, no one knows that. That’s just making accusations. You every since this pandemic hit, there has been so much hate in this world. Even more than b4 and it terrible.

      1. Exactly!! Trump is always in the spotlight and I’m sure Trump could give a shit about kody and his weird life

    4. Sandy Sandy Sandy…The proof is out that your hero Hillary and friends lied and and colluded against Trump. Hope she enjoys jail. Hopefully for treason, for that is what they committed. Now. Can you comment on anything without mentioning Trump? I doubt you have enough firing brain cells to do so, so go back under your rock with Kody and Robin.

      1. What proof? Either put up or shut up.

        PS You have to source reliable, educated outlets so Fox doesn’t count. Facts NOT opinions.

      2. Kody Brown is a big bully and thougth he was cute when he was young and made all these women marry him and give him all those beautiful kids. Now he is old and Ugly and he is taking it out on his wives except for Robyn. I am glad the others got smart and want to kick him out of their lives. He should be put in jail for fathering all those kids. I feel bad for them, he was no father to them. He thought he was so hot NOT. Hope Robyn gets stuck taking care of his fat A– and the others find the loves of their lives. Get rid of your ugly balding hair with the stupid Man Bun with what is left.

    5. Sandy if you all open your eyes , this country was in a better place when Trump was in White House . Really I don’t know what that asshold is doing in there now , look open your eyes see what this asshold is doing with our country. If they don’t get him out it will be like we are back in world war 2. Why can’t people leave Trump be.

    6. How does Trump get in to this mix? Just going there show you’re just a hateful person. Btw…since you went there… I hope you’re pleased with all the wrong choices of Biden and the divide. Pray that we are not pushed into WWIII with this clown.

    7. I think maybe you should learn how to spell before attacking people with your words. They would have more of an impact besides laughter. Just a thought…..🤷🏻‍♀️

    8. Your first sentence makes no sense, Kody your young teen? What the hell does that mean? What is it you think the FBI should checkout? There is no crime in using people. If it was a crime at least half the population would be in jail including you.
      You are correct about him not knowing how to love anyone. He really only loves himself.
      The “ Men in white coats” do not take people to jail and this has absolutely nothing to do with Mr. Trump. I’m wondering if they should come pick you up.

    9. Is alcohol legal in all 50 states? Do we all have the right to pick our religion, and not follow all of it’s tenement? Just in-case your IQ is lower than a fish, the answer is yes, not the biggest fan of Kody Brown, but big fan of America’s constitutional right not to do as we say. Lol

  2. Kody is nothing but a controlling wanna be. Everyone of the women need to get on with their lives he brain washed them. He is disgusting weak minded POS. He needs to go. The women need to get psychiatric help.

    1. Kody is narsistic and all the women will be finally aware that he manipulated them to join a ‘family’ plan and they were innocent to join in. Talk about controlling…and he is playing make believe in his fantasy world..and when they leave him he has dirty things to say about them. What a mess!!

      1. I would like to know how this Family accepted for food stamps Medicaid insurance. They are defrauding the government and the public is paying for this.they are stealing from American citizens that need these services. People who have TV shows should be exempt. All the wives have lied about their money situation. When meri and kody are filled for bankruptcy
        meri said she had 7 kids. All the wives are guilty of.

  3. Wants to be in charge. Ok then why do your 18+ children not have healthcare? The wives who work (does Kodie work at all or is it just the women). All the wives work except Robin.

  4. Another Trumphater that actually watches this stupid show airing grievances about trump, the Best President ever! Bite me!!!!!

      1. I don’t think it’s hate it’s annoying having some person who has to bring up politics in every situation even if it has NOTHING to do with politics. The far anything is getting extremely scary with their radical extremist behavior . It reminds me of a few of Kodys brainwashed wives. No critical thinking skills and not one unique thought in their head.

    1. The word “trump” didn’t need to be brought up – period, but why are YOU on a conversation about “this stupid show” if it’s so beneath your intellect?
      P.S. If you can call that twice-impeached, serial-lying windbag the “Best President ever!” with a straight face, NOTHING is beneath your intellect.

  5. From my admittedly limited, once a week lense into their lives, I’m of the (unsolicited) opinion, that the addition of a fourth wife was the beginning of the end of the OBs–Original Browns.

    1. Agree. The hand writing is on the wall for the Brown wives and the show. It’s all contrived anyway.
      Kody has lost his meal ticket and it’s time to kick him to the curb.

    2. Absolutely spot on, kody was looking for a younger wife so he could have a sexual relationship.
      I feel that this was the plan all along to rid his old baggage . Robin is not innocent in all this either.

      1. I heard he tried hitting on Robyns niece to see about marrying her. He is so mean and controlling.he didnt treat the first 3 wives right
        He really hurt Christine

    3. These women need to move in .Once Robin came in, Kody turned on the others.
      Wake up ladies, Robin was the only one not working plus has a Nanny. Kody used you all for a check to support himself and Robin.

  6. Kody Brown has spent most of the last ten years trying to disprove what most people think of polygamy. In the end he has proven to us exactly what most people think of polygamy. That the husband is cruel to most of the wives (see, e.g. Meri and Christine) and has no use for the children once they are grown up (see, e.g. Garrison, Gabriel and most importantly Ysabel). That he would not accompany Ysabel to a major surgery because of a bratty toddler, Ariella, is unforgivable. It’s a wonder Christine did not move out on him sooner. Polygamy was never my cup of tea but watching Kody’s insane COVID rules while mistreating 3/4 of his family has been maddening. What’s most ironic is that he holds his wives and other children to a standard he does not hold the nanny to and the nanny was the first in the Brown orbit to get COVID. That was pretty entertaining actually. It will be a question of how long it will take Janelle and Meri to move out on his @ss before he starts trying to take on other wives. LOL

      1. ITA. Kody is a windage. He has ignored 2 of his wives in this past year and doesn’t feel anything towards Christine anymore as well as Meri. Christine has gone but Meri hasn’t given up. I can’t see Janelle staying much longer if Kody doesn’t want to see his sons. She is extremely protective of them. So he has only one left the one he has favored throughout the pandemic. Are the rest supposed to be honored to have him “visit” whenever the mood strikes him?

    1. I stated this very thing he’s hunting for younger women, Robin best keep her eye on her girls she brought into this life style just say’in

    2. The Nanny supposedly getting covid was just a show. Robyn and Kody wanted “People” at Ariela birthday party and then used the fake excuse of the Nanny getting covid to stop seeing everyone Again.

  7. Pictures don’t lie and they got busted! They both shoot from the side and are backstabbers. Christine called your bluff and was women enough to leave your schemes, lies and mental abuse. She saved her self and children for a evil and toxic life. Trouble in paradise Robin shopping at Vicitoria Secrets to keep him happy! Umm! Sounds like she’s worried she will be next. The thought of this idiot makes me sick to even look at let alone have sex with him. That would be I will go barf now.

      1. You are so right! The only one he loves is Robyn. She is happy, I guess so. He robs all of his other wives of dates, affection, sex, get a divorce from them pal! Let them be happy. Meri wake up you look so stupid and pitiful. They should all dump him! If he were to tell the real truth the rest are too heavy. He looked at them different when they were on a diet. Respect yourselves more girls!!!!!You owe your wives certain things. Read, Study…Sandy

  8. Jesus!!!it shocks me to no_ end…I even watch this mindless drabble!!!!
    My opinion is simply.. money 💸💸💸💸💸💰💰💰 o
    Drag this expired feelings from how and which years we are talking about?!?!Christine?!now common on?!?!?!
    I do not believe that wasn’t scripted?!
    That’s beggining of the end?!?!

    Well,yes..this “sometimes interested drama..is the beginning of the end of my show interest ..the cheers!!

  9. Why are all the other wives having to work to keep a roof over your head and a nanny in your house they never have the advantage of a nanny the only reason you are in Arkansas to begin with it’s because your son wanted to go to school there so you had him to move everyone there so you can be with your child amazing how you forget all about that why celebration why you can’t go out and get a job and support your own family and get insurance for them nobody else has insurance none of his other kids are taking care of nor has he ever tried to take care of a man who shows up for parties and birthdays does not make a dad you are disgusting Robin to think that you can come in and pull the rule over everyone’s eyes including his other wife and live off of them get a life get a job raise your children to teach him to mooch off the people it’s not a life

    1. You are right on all points except that it’s Arizona, not Arkansas, that they moved to from Las Vegas, Robyn’s older son was attending university in Flagstaff and that’s where the whole family moved to.

    2. Amen!!! Robin moves in, gets insurance, does not work, gets a Nanny all on the backs of the working women. Meri, and The other need to join Christine and leave this cad

  10. Robin is the blame for all of this. She acts so innocent with the girls…why don’t the others say because of Kody & Robin whom he sleeps with everyday are liars & using COVID as an excuse not to be around with the rest of them all. Mary why is she still around…he’s not attracted, never was. At least Christine told him “get out of my room!” She’s done. But her & Janelle tell should tell him it’s because he is with Robin only NOT his COVID rules. Robin get rid of your crocodile tears. You & Kody are in a mall, no mask, having drinks, intimately out in the open. He’s a loser. The whole show should be cancelled. Mary I lost respect for you acting so desperate with Kody. Where do you sleep…threesome perhaps.

  11. This by far is the most miserable family in the world! Not one of them seems genuinely happy, and Kody? Master manipulator to a criminal level. These women appear to be real man haters, they want the “marriage” and kids but don’t really want a relationship with Kody at all, even Robyn admitted she’s not happy with him around too much. What I see is a bunch of deviant adults and messed up angry kids. The saying “a fish rots from the head down” reflects this dysfunctional mess.

    1. Well said! You’ve nailed it regarding the narcissistic, arrogant male who thinks he’s the smartest person in any given room… If he’s done anything at all it is to have convinced the world that polygamy is NOT the way to go!

  12. I’d tell kody with his raggedy ugly hair cut an his horny lazy ass to get lost. Those women are sick to be even evolved with him. They can’t be that desperate!!!!!!

  13. Kody and Robin are nothing but users. He cries broke all the time. Robin doesn’t work, yet they managed to get a 898,000.00 home?? Plus a Nanny?? Can’t she be a mother? Just to terrible people. They belong together.

  14. “Those without sin should cast the first stone”
    It’s sad every way around and it’s those children that will suffer the worst.
    These women went into this situation knowing that they had competition with having one man who had four women plus the women who were ask to join the family but chose not to join so these four women knowingly accepted to unlawfully take part and I don’t think no one held a gun to any of their heads.
    Some of the women were raised in the same sort of lifestyle and situation and that’s what they were taught.
    We all live with our own wrongs and sinful choices in life and I know God forgives and I also know that no one is without sin so this show is set up to draw people to watch the show and if we set and watch it then we are apparently interested in it. If you don’t care for who participates then we can change the channel or even turn the TV off. I am sure if the children read the negative comments or hateful comments they will be embarrassed and heartbroken and I never want to see any child hurt because so many children are taking their own lives and I definitely don’t want to read that someone end’s their life because of the hatred of the public and or fans.
    In this day and time I think back to something I was taught growing up, if we can’t say anything nice, it’s best to keep our comments to ourselves.
    Let’s lift each other up and try to spread love and positivity because God created each and every one of these family members just like He created us. Let’s pray for this whole family and lift the innocent young and old lives that are affected.
    Have Love for One Another instead of Hate

    1. Yes, Meri, Christine and Robyn were raised in polygamy. Robyn’s best friend didn’t know her “situation.” Christine was absolutely petrified upon learning of the “investigation” (season 2) because her grandfather’s family was caught and disbanded. Meri really hasn’t complained of her polygamist rearing. My point is that Christine and Robyn have complained in a fearful, heartfelt way yet tell us season after season that their way is best. Obviously, we have been played. Or are these new and vicious fights this 16th season not genuine and fodder to keep them “on the air?” Their 16th season is much higher in viewership, over 2,000,000 watching weekly, cause we all love a train wreck…apparently.

  15. Y’all know that many reality shows are partially scripted and made for entertainment purposes. Don’t kid yourself, not everything you see and hear is exactly the way it truly is. Even though Christine and Kody’s marriage truly may be over, we don’t know what kind of relationship they maintain. Some divorced people remain good friends and get along even better than when they were married. Take this whole show with a grain of salt. People are getting upset, when really, we are the ones getting played!

  16. People…think about it.The man cusses and drinks doesn’t work has four women slapping out kids for him and his duty is to service the Ladies. Did God tell him that’s ok? I feel for the children what are they learning? I’m sorry to be so blunt. I hope the Ladies find true happiness.If this is it …whatever.

  17. The Nanny supposedly getting covid was just a show. Robyn and Kody wanted “People” at Ariela birthday party and then used the fake excuse of the Nanny getting covid to stop seeing everyone Again.

  18. At the end of the season Robyn was starting in again about wanting another baby! Can you believe that? There they are, can’t even pay their living expenses, have no insurance, neither she or Kody works and she wants another kid? I guess she intended for the other wives to pay for it like her other two from Kody. I’m glad to see the other wives continue to thrive on their own. They will make it. As for Robin and Kody, if he don’t find some new wives to support his lazy ads, it appears he and Robyn might be asking to borrow Janelle’s camper! Living in almost a million dollar home but Janelle had to move into a camper! That just gets me! You all have to admit though, his children that have become adults are pretty good kids thanks to their loving mothers who didn’t give up on them just because they grew up! Damn good kids. They see Kody for what he is. I’m not interested in another season of watching them sitting on the couch and bitching about everything. If nothing else, focus on the children’s lives or the wives but PLEASE do away with Kodys birch sessions. No one really cares!

  19. PLEASE tell me that NOONE wants to be tied up with this j9CKa@@ and his only wife. Everyone knows that he cares nothing except about himself & Robin. As soon as the others decide that they can make a living without the show, they will be gone and telling the world why. He is and has been a total jerk and ugly to boot, narcissist. Gross and disgusting.

  20. They should cancel Sister Wives and make a show called the Brown Kids. That way the kids would make money and Kody and Robyn would need to get a job. 🤣🤣

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