Gabriel Trashes His ‘Overweight’ Mom Janelle Brown

Gabriel Brown Credit: YouTube

Gabriel Brown has never held his feelings back when it comes to his father, Kody. This week on Sister Wives, he had a heart-to-heart with Kody while they were chopping wood. Kody called his sons Garrison and Gabe up for assistance. He also wanted to chat with them about taking the pandemic seriously so they could celebrate Christmas together. However, Gabriel gave his dad a piece of his mind and may have said some unkind things about his mother, Janelle in the process.

Gabriel Brown’s Issues With Kody

These last two seasons have been rough on Gabriel’s relationship with his father. He feels Kody has chosen his fourth wife, Robyn, and her kids over Janelle and her kids. Additionally, he feels his father’s pandemic rules are over the top. Kody rarely comes around and when he does, he is not there for long or he stays outside and socially distances from the kids. There came a point where Janelle made the choice to have Kody stay away for five weeks to observe safety.

Kody Brown and Gabriel Brown via YouTube
Kody Brown and Gabriel Brown

Kody has made a strong point that he was the only one who would travel from home to home. Therefore, he was the one putting himself at risk. If this was the case, everyone he came in contact with had to be extra safe. He was not happy that Gabe was in college and had a girlfriend. Kody believed his son was being way too social and not being as cautious as he should be. As for Garrison, he had a job outside of the home further putting Janelle’s family in danger.

Kody Brown Wants Boys Kicked Out, Janelle Steps In [Screenshot | YouTube]
[Screenshot | YouTube]
This season, Kody came to a point where he wanted to evict Garrison from Janelle’s. She said her kids came before anything as he was saving up for a down payment on a home. He was about three months away from what he needed yet it was still not good enough for Kody. Janelle also proposed that Gabriel’s girlfriend temporarily come live with them for the holidays as a safety measure. It came to a breaking point and the boys had to have it out with their dad.

The Confrontation

After Garrison left for work, Gabriel talked to his dad. He admitted he missed them having private chats about everything. Gabe also confessed he had been away from his girlfriend for two weeks at a time in order to see Kody. However, he made it clear how much Janelle sacrificed for her family. He said his mom would risk getting COVID just to be with the family and hug them. Yet his approach was less than polite.

Janelle Brown Credit: YouTube

While defending his mother, Gabriel Brown also offended Janelle by calling her both “overweight” and “old.” It was his way of saying she has a bunch of things against her. Despite that, she would risk it all just to have the plural family back together and to reunite. In the end, Gabe felt like he could not get through to his father. Interestingly enough, Janelle has her own fitness site, Strive with Janelle. Additionally, she promotes Plexus with her daughter Maddie and former sister wife, Christine.

Do you think it was wrong for Gabe to call his mother overweight and old even if he was making a point? Let us know in the comments and watch Sister Wives every Sunday on TLC.


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  1. No, he wasn’t being rude at all, it’s not like it is a secret she is overweight (as is a majority of America) and she isn’t exactly 20. I don’t find anything he said offensive, it is fact. I am overweight and can admit my chances are higher because if it. He was just making a point that Janelle’s priorities are to her children, his are only to some of his children. Now with that being said, these episodes were only 7 months into the pandemic so I think many were still being hypersensitive at the time. I would be interested to see what precautions are being implemented now, 14 months later.

      1. Very true and as a teenage to 20 something boy it’s just kind of how they talk about thing. Very bluntly. My son around the same age is very similar. He never says anything about me trying to be offensive. He just tells it like it is. I personally think that a great way to be. I sure Gabriel mom was fine with what and how he said it. He seem to be a very nice kid.

      2. Of course it isn’t wrong for Gabe to refer to Janelle as overweight – she is. It was only in reference to the potentially elevated risks with covid. He wasn’t trashing her. I do think, however, that Gabe is immature and has a lot of growing up to do.

    1. I would be so offended if one of my sons made that comment about me. Janelle is a wonderful, caring mother.I think she’s beautiful and the most intelligent of all the mothers.

    2. Exactly. I’m a mom and I’m old and overweight. It isn’t a secret and I’m not offended by the bare naked facts of the matter. What malarkey!

  2. Janelle is a good person. She needs a husband to show her how a man should treat his wife. She does not need to keep up Kody. A real man supports his wife!

  3. Gabriel did not trash his mother! I don’t think even the person who wrote that caption believes that. My heart goes out to him and I think he deserved a very different response than what he got from his Dad. I really like Gabriel and hope he has a great life.

  4. What a disgustingly misleading headline. Gabriel was defending his mother, and simply pointing out her increased risk of serious illness with Covid because of her age and weight. For this site to turn that into “Gabriel Trashes His Overweight Mom” is both disgusting and dishonest. How desperate for clicks can you be?

    1. Exactly! He dotes over his mother and meant nothing by it other than expressing his love and concern for her.. this article was just headlined for click bait!

  5. Gabriel didnt say nothing offensive. This yound man only wants some love and attention from his dad. You could see how he is hurting. Kody just dont know how to show love. If you didnt get love you dont know how to give it.

    1. I don’t think the vaccine was widely available at the time this current season was shot. They just celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas of 2020.

  6. Kody is a cry baby! You should pick me over your children. He chose to stay home with Robyn when his daughter needed surgery for her spine. He didn’t care that she was in so much pain. All he thinks of is his self. This is not a man or father he’s a cry baby. Him and Robyn are perfect for each other that’s all both do is cry cry cry. Both are children.

  7. Gabriel did buy into that janeiie lied against Kody, to her boys. Deceived them related Kody’s rules. Gabriel and janelle should both discuss with Kody.

  8. Gabriel did not say anything bad about his Mom, he was trying to get his Father to realize how much SHE has given up to abide by Kovid Kody’s rules and is willing to risk her health to have her Family close to her for the holidays!! Kovid Kody acted like he didn’t care at all. Kovid Kody should quarantine himself without precious Sobyn Robyn and her kids. Let him see how hard it is to be without the ONE he loves!!!!

  9. I think Gabriel is all about Gabriel. He has not been one of my favorites. I do think he is rude. As for his Mother, facts or not, he could have spoken a little more kindly such as his mother being at a higher risk due to her age and weight. Overweight people don’t need to be told, or reminded that they are overnight. As the child of the person he was speaking about, he could have used more sensitivity.

  10. No he was defending his Mother. He hates that Mr Plura Marriage has only 1 wife and not 4 that he professes he has!! Somebody took this completely out of context!

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