Gabriel Brown Pushes Back, Chooses Girlfriend Over Kody

Kody Brown and Gabriel Brown via YouTube

It seems the Sister Wives family continues to fall apart amid the COVID pandemic. In a new sneak peek, Kody Brown is talking to his son Gabriel Brown about his COVID rules. Kody is arguing that Gabriel shouldn’t see his girlfriend because it prevents him from coming over to see everyone. Gabriel isn’t having it. Keep reading to find out what looks to be going down on the upcoming episode of Sister Wives. 

Kody Brown is angry over the lack of control at Janelle’s house

US Weekly shared a sneak peek into the upcoming episode of Sister Wives. The preview shows that Kody is upset with how things are going with his wife Janelle and their children. Kody has six children with his second wife Janelle. They are sons Logan, 27, Hunter, 24, Robert, 23, and Gabriel, 21, and daughters Maddie, 26, and Savannah, 17.

He’s beginning to feel like he doesn’t really have a say in his kids’ lives because he’s been away from them for so long because of the pandemic.

Kody Brown via YouTube Video

In fact, Kody went as far as to say he doesn’t feel like Janelle’s house is his house at all. Kody said, “In the time that COVID has been going on, I’ve felt more and more and more like that was Janelle’s house and it wasn’t my house.”

He believes their group dynamic has shifted since he hasn’t been able to move around from house to house due to the pandemic.

Kody actually believes that fourth and legal wife Robyn Brown’s house feels more like home to him. At Robyn’s house, he’s able to make the rules and make everyone follow them. He said, “It makes me mad at myself all these years that I haven’t been, what I would call, more patriarchal. More in charge.”

Gabriel Brown via YouTube

Gabriel Brown pushes back

Kody Brown has been questioning the Sister Wives loyalty to him since he has enacted strict protocols for COVID. He spoke with Gabriel about not seeing his girlfriend Peyton during the pandemic. However, he hasn’t exactly enforced it. Kody said, “While I’m talking to Gabriel here, I’m not laying down the law because I can’t get the support of Janelle to lay down the law.”

Janelle is fine with Gabriel seeing Peyton and she likes her. She said Gabriel seems very happy with Peyton.

Kody finally gives Gabriel an ultimatum in the sneak peek. He says, “The real issue here is, you had to choose between me coming over or seeing your girlfriend.” Gabe becomes emotional and says “Why? Why was I made to make that decision?”

Gabe thinks the pandemic and all of Kody’s rules have really messed up their family. He also said Kody has made no attempts to get to know Peyton and doesn’t even know what she looks like.

What else will go down during their heated conversation?

Don’t miss the all-new episode of Sister Wives Sunday night on TLC.



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  1. I think it time for Meri to move she looks like a foil letting Kody divorce hwr to marry Robyn Girl what’s the matter with you you arenot even second best.girl please move on the man don’t want you he said it on live t.v just friends and he don’t want that

  2. Loyalty? Seriously! Kody wants to dictate. He’s ridiculous, the majority of women would have told him where to go A LONG time ago. Men like him aren’t worth a woman’s time or trouble. And never make a mother choose between a man or her children, grown or otherwise because he will LOOSE! And to say to one of you’re grown kids that it’s either your girlfriend or me? Kody you’re pathetic and a poor excuse of a man let alone a husband, and I use the word husband loosely as you leave a lot to be desired. At least Christine and Janelle have a backbone and won’t be dictated to by you!

  3. I have watched Sister Wives since the beginning. I no longer do because Kody has become such a tyrant. It has been obvious since day 1 that Robyn is #1! His treatment of Meri and all the other kids is insane. He shows his character by always saying he is in charge!!!!! I wish TLC would cancel them and Meri and Janelle would follow in Christine’s footsteps. Their children are more important than the Narsasistic (sp wr ong) Kody!!!! And Robyn is absolutely the worst. I just saw the picture of them with their biological Dad and they looked very happy there. Have not seen t hem look that happy at all since Kody.

  4. Kody doesn’t have the common sense to realize that his GROWN children aren’t putting “daddy” 1st, because they have girlfriends and other friends and family that THEY choose to go visit. They are young adults now. Families grow and dynamics change. Support your adult children and tell them you love them, Don’t leave them RESENTING you, because they wouldn’t forget how you treated them anytime soon. Think about what you are doing. AGREE to DISAGREE and LOVE With All of Your Heart!
    Kody is the one who needs to put HIS FAMILY FIRST…. Not HIMSELF! It’s not all about HIM! Get Over Yourself Kody Brown!!!!

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