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Farrah Abraham Gets Wrangled To Back Of Cop Car And Arrested?

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Teen Mom Farrah Abraham is reportedly having a bad weekend. The mother of Sophia decided to take a night to herself and head out on the town in  Los Angeles to go clubbing. What started out as a fun girls’ night out with one of her friends quickly escalated into a night full of regrets.

The details are still a little unclear. But here is what we know so far.  Police offers were dispatched to the Hollywood club on a disturbance call. Witnesses inside the club claim that Farrah allegedly got into an altercation with a security guard. The source adds that Abraham became very belligerent and was asked by security to leave the establishment.

Farrah Abraham
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 More Legal Issues For ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham

Farrah became very argumentative and allegedly slapped the guard. The club’s owner then called for police backup to help diffuse the situation.

“I don’t understand why there are cuffs being put on me? I did not hit anyone. On camera, I did not-I would never hit anyone.

During a video obtained by TMZ Farrah Abraham,30, can be seen barefoot attempting to plead her case as officers worked to wrangle her into the back of the squad car.

Farrah Abraham Claims Innocense

Page Six adds that Abraham was taken to a nearby police station where she was booked and given a May 19 court date. This is not Farrah Abraham’s first run-in with the law. In 2018 Abraham pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor involving a security guard at The Beverly Hills Hotel. So far Farrah’s team has yet to comment on the incident.

Most fans agree that when it comes to Farrah, nothing she does, or says really surprises them anymore. In a recent post from TV Shows Ace, the reality star posted a bizarre video threatening to poop in a jar and send it to her fans. During the disturbing clip, Abrahams can be heard stating; “I want to tell you how I s**t in a jar and I send it to you. Oooh so cool!

Farrah continues with her demonstration holding up a small jar adding, “I put it in here…and then I cork it…Next, I put a special message on it…Just sending you blessings of this year. The shocking video led Farrah’s followers to quickly begin commenting, many questioning Abraham’s mental health.

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“It might be time for someone to step in and have Farrah evaluated. This is strangely giving me Amanda Bynes and Britney Spears flashbacks before they were hospitalized.”

“I feel bad for Sophia, she is a teenager now and has to deal with all of her mom’s craziness. The worst part is Sophia really has no one to look out for her.”

“This is so sad, I thought Farrah was finally starting to get her life together.”

Farrah Abraham definitely knows how to keep her life interesting that is for sure. You can see out more on Farrah is up to when Teen Mom Family Reunion airs on Tuesday nights on MTV.


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