Farrah Abraham Threatens Sh*t In Jar To Fans In Deleted Video

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In a strange video that has been deleted, Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham threatened to sh*t in a jar and send it to fans and followers. While the bizarre video was removed after being posted, reality TV stars like Farrah have learned the hard way once you post something on the internet it can never truly be deleted.

The weird video of the MTV personality threatening her fans with poop-filled jars was quickly picked up and reshared on Teen Mom fan pages and profiles.

Was Farrah Abraham serious about sending sh*t-filled jars to her fans? Was she joking? What caused her to make this odd threat? Keeping reading and we’ll share what we know.

Credit youTube
Credit YouTube

What did she say in the video, exactly?

Farrah says in the clip: “I want to tell you how I sh** in a jar and I send it to you. Ooh, so cool!”

She proceeded to hold up a small jar before continuing to explain the process: “I put it in here… and then I cork it… I put a special message on it… Just sending you blessings of this year.”

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham concluded her strange video by revealing she discovered a cotton ball could be used to help the jar retain the smell of her fecal matter.

You can visit this Teen Mom Instagram fan page to watch the odd video yourself by clicking here.

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Farrah Abraham inspired by Stephanie Matto?

As we previously reported, 90 Day Fiance star Stephanie Matto has been making bank selling fart-filled jars. Nearly all of the TLC star’s posts on Instagram and TikTok have been about selling farts in a jar as she appears to be making decent money from it.

Fans of 90 Day Fiance can’t help but wonder if Farrah might be mocking or copying Stephanie. Farrah Abraham Has certainly never been opposed to doing controversial things for cash. So, most of her fans and followers wouldn’t put selling sh*t-filled jars to her fans past her.

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In response to the reposting of the video on Instagram, Teen Mom fans are not here for whatever Farrah is trying to accomplish. Some jested it was too early in the year 2022 for her to be pulling this kind of stuff.

What do you think Farrah Abraham’s reasoning for promising poop-filled jars was? Why do you think the video was deleted? Did she regret posting it? Would you buy poop-filled jars from Farrah? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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