‘Survivor’ 41: Evvie Reveals What Happened Before Filming That Changed The Game

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In this most recent season of Survivor, Jeff Probst said he wants to give the viewers a closer look at what happens behind the scenes. It manifested in little confessions from Jeff before challenges about planted advantages and other twists. It wasn’t super in-depth, but superfans love to learn whatever extra they can about how their favorite show is made. Recently, Season 41 contestant Evvie Jagoda gave some more behind-the-scenes detail. Talking about her journey to the show and the connections she made in the days before filming began.

The most interesting detail she revealed concerned fellow players Tiffany and DeShawn. And how little signals before they were ever stranded on an island together may have altered their fates…

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Evvie’s Survivor Quarantine

Evvie did a deep dive interview on RHAP (Rob Has A Podcast), hosted by Survivor alumni Rob Cesternino. In the interview, Rob asks Evvie about how she only became a superfan in the last couple of years, about her preparation leading to her being a challenge beast, and about the extra details that went into filming a season during COVID. Evvie’s most interesting reveal concerns the measures cast members had to take as a result of COVID.

Normally, during the filming of a Survivor season, contestants would fly into whatever country they’re filming in and be taken to the area where they’ll be filming the season relatively quickly. For Season 41, things had to work a little differently. There was a mandatory 14-day quarantine upon arriving in Fiji for all members of the cast and crew. During this entire 2 weeks, the cast of Season 41 were not permitted to leave their hotel rooms. It was here that Evvie made her first connections with other members of the cast, even though it was strictly forbidden.

Evvie, Tiffany, and DeShawn

The hotel rooms Season 41’s cast had to quarantine in were all right next to each other, according to Evvie. The cast wasn’t permitted any contact with each other until the show officially started. But, every day the cast members would open their doors briefly to grab the food production left for them. It was during this time that Evvie was able to sum up fellow players and future allies DeShawn and Tiffany. They never spoke. But they exchanged glances. Evvie said those glances gave her “good vibes” about both players. Those first impressions can mean everything in a game like Survivor. Had they been with other members of the cast, the game could have had a dramatically different beginning.

Survivor Season 42 premieres in March. It was filmed at the same time and under the same conditions as Season 41.

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