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Jeremy Roloff Bitter Over Farm Situation?

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Is Little People, Big World alum Jeremy Roloff telling fans how he really feels about his family’s farm situation? His recent social media activity seems to suggest he might be bitter about what happened.

As you might know, Matt Roloff is eventually going to take a step back from the farm. As he gets older, he can’t do as much there and has a harder time keeping up with everything. So, one of his kids is expected to take over.

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff/Instagram
Jeremy and Audrey Roloff/Instagram

Tori Roloff recently discussed she and Zach not getting the farm. They seemed to have different plans. Now, it’s unclear what exactly will happen to the farm. The family hasn’t shared an update on who might take over in a few years. As we reported in May 2021, Jeremy and Audrey put an offer in on the farm. Unfortunately, Matt rejected it.

In a new Instagram story, Jeremy hints that he might be bitter about how purchasing Roloff Farms fell through. In Jeremy’s snap, he and Audrey are talking about their bathroom renovation that’s in the works. They admit that it wasn’t their plan to be in this house for this long. They had planned to buy property, but that didn’t happen.

Jeremy captioned his post, writing, “Five years ago we bought this house that we are currently in. It was supposed to be a one to two year house as we had plans to purchase a property (at the time it was the family farm).”

Is Jeremy Roloff salty?

On RedditLittle People, Big World fans and critics are discussing his recent post about the farm. Many Reddit users think he might be “bitter” or “salty” about the whole situation. One user points out, “Jeremy is sooo salty about the farm lately.”


Someone else writes, “They were never planning on PURCHASING the farm! We all know they thought it would be ‘handed down.'” Plenty of other LPBW followers are agreeing with this statement. They seem to think that Jeremy expected to just get the property without having to pay anything for it.

So, do you think that Jeremy Roloff might be bitter over the Roloff Farms situation? Or do you think he just mentioned it for some other reason? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about the Little People, Big World family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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    1. Dad doesnt want to sell it or give it to anyone. He owns it and wants to be the boss and order his kids to now do all the work.
      So what he needs to do is hire the people to run it the way he wants and that all the profits for himself. Which is what he wants anyways…Mr. Big shot.

      1. True. I think he wants to sell for big bucks. And I bet it’ll show Amy got “stiffed.” I don’t trust Matt at all. I’m glad Amy moved on and is happy.

        1. Amy didn’t do any of the hard work. It was Matt’s dream and his ideas that made them both rich. She got her money now let live with that Chris dud.

      2. I think those of the children who are interested not only one of them because it’s a big job specially for Zach on his own

    2. I am peeved that the media only interviews the part of the family that doesnt have dwarfism absolute discrimination

  1. Jeremy probably didn’t buy the farm because Matt doesn’t care enough for his kids to work with him. All Matt cares about is Matt. The Cheater

    1. Well the family farm. Did Matt purchase it or was it an inheritance? Did he ever say that someday it would belong to the family? Did he plan on dividing it between his kids? A lot of questions yes but I do think he should at least give the kids a chance at purchasing it even if the go halves o. It.

  2. It would never be right to pass the property down to one child when there are multiple siblings. The only way to be fair is to sell it. If Matt wants to ensure it stays in the family he will have to set an amoubt and see who comes up with the money. It’s pretty obvious it won’t be Zack since is only income is from the LPBW. Besides, remember when Zack helped out a short time? He was against everything his dad wanted to do! He wouldn’t keeep the farm going. He was to cheap!

  3. Maybe money or more commitment is important. Matt had to buy out his ex wife . That couldn’t have been cheap. That’s Matt’s retirement. How many workers will stay on to help a new person. Yes son but has to be willing to put time in.

  4. Maybe money or more commitment is important. Matt had to buy out his ex wife . That couldn’t have been cheap. That’s Matt’s retirement. How many workers will stay on to help a new person.

  5. Jeremy comes off like he’s better than his family but now he wants something for nothing. I’m sure Matt can see through him and his wife!!

    1. Exactly. Jeremy didn’t want to buy the farm. In one if the later episodes he said “I think Zach and I would prefer a Roloff legacy”

      Learn to pronounce
      an amount of money or property left to someone in a will.
      “my grandmother died and unexpectedly left me a small legacy”

  6. Not sure I understand some of the comments on here…So he should just hand over all his property as well as a business that he built so basically his (401K IRA PENSION) because I’m sure that’s exactly what those that feel he should will be doing with their retirement savings right…So he should give this to 1 of his 4/5 kids and pick the one by what rolling a couple of Pumpkins with names on them see who wins maybe picking straws.He should do this because this for this son because he & his wife has shown his love for this property and business & have been putting in all the hard work day in and day out to help not only his father but the business right? How about if anyone of the children are really interested in it then make him a decent market value offer and have the funding ready to pay for it because having Dad holding a mortgage on his own retirement as well as the other children’s possible inheritance is DEFINITELY NOT a wise decision… Now this is Dad’s farm so if dad chooses to leave the farm in his will (preferably a trust)to all of his kids and 1 doesn’t want to sell then again make a decent market value offer and have the money to buy the rest out… No one should be made to feel guilty about how they have decided to pass on or not the monies THEY worked for..It seems like all of their kids have moved on with their families and started their own dreams..Knowing Oregon very we and the market there I think everyone of them would sell that farm before good old Daddy was cold because they don’t want that 24/7 very hard work….So much how much they 💖 the farm…..So keep your retirement or sell it and when you are done living your best life leave whatever is left to the people that were there for you made you laugh brought a smile to your life those that showed up & showed you how much you mean to them without getting a dime….While I would definitely leave everything to my children WE DON’T OWE OUR CHILDREN ANYTHING WE LOVE OUR CHILDREN….

      1. Why is everyone Having ago at Matt..He has 4 Kids..Who in there right Mind, would leave it to 1 child??? Before i get comments Jeremy made an offer?? Bet offer wasnt in the millions…plus each child as a Partner who have No loyalty to Matt or Each other when comes to Money, Do you think they really care about the Farm Or what there share would be….There was condition on buying the farm, that Jeremy didnt agree with.. Could they be, they couldnt sell the land in the future without consent of other family memebers..Maybe buying farm, would meant giving each family member excluding Amy.. a Weekly/monthly Salary, if they worked on farm or Not….Who knows…

  7. What business is it of ANYBODY what this family does with their farm? Opinions are worthless & pointless because nobody knows what is truly going on or why. Why does everyone assume they know this family & the dynamics between them? MYOB!!

  8. We dont no how much his son was willing to pay for the property and matt wants to much but he could work with his son so it could stay in the family why don’t his farther do that his farther is to money hungry his son should tell his farther that he will pay this much and work with his farther

  9. Matt clearly has a major problem on what happens with the farm. Jeremy in my opinion is the most likely able to manage the farm. Zack only wanted to run the tourist train in pumpkin season. Let’s go back to the time Zack was having a cookout for several friends. Tori has to turn on the grill because Zack didn’t have a clue how to do it. Name one single thing Zack has accomplished that the viewers can point to. I know it’s a show, we don’t see everything, however from what I’ve see Zack do with his life without Tori’s help is Zero. Jermey should work out a management, buyout with Matt. I see no place for Zack’s involvement in the farm.

  10. Give it to Jacob and let start a new show Jacob destroys Roloff farms. I’d watch it.
    I’d watch Jacob drink the money away. That would be one hell of a show

  11. Jeremy should have got the farm when matt offered it to him instead he snd his auj left the show and oregon. She is another robyn brown in my opinion. I agree he should have gotten the farm its his birth right and should have been handed down to him because he done a lot to help his dad but she didn’t want it. They probably aren’t doing as well since jeremy left the show because of audrey. What kind of nane is auj anyway

  12. Matt will be pursued by a younger gold digger and he will be taking advantage of even more than with the big gal now

  13. Seriously, Matt is a master manipulator with zero respect for his family. It showed from the very first episode. We watch as he road around, complained about absolutely everything, never enough, while working the family into the ground like help. The only voice he hears is his own. Covert narcissistic traits all the way. He was crossing boundaries with the help long before anyone knew. He’ll never allow anyone to live on that property in peace, especially the kids. It wouldn’t be that difficult to address equal share or distribution, nor ownership. For a little guy, Matt believes he’s much bigger than most and no amount of monies would be enough. They all need to move on and don’t look back. Wasn’t the least bit surprised they divorced, saw it coming in the very first season. I’m glad Amy and the kids can finally breathe.

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