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Courtney Waldrop became very emotional as she took to Instagram to share a precious pic of her husband Eric. Eric, however, wasn’t alone in this photo. Their son Saylor was also in the photo. The photo that really moved Courtney to tears was the second in a collection of photos Courtney posted on her Instagram profile less than 24 hours ago. Turns out, these photos were from a pretty major milestone in Saylor’s life. And, it left her feeling pretty sentimental.

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Courtney Waldrop gets sentimental about Saylor

Less than 24 hours ago, Courtney Waldrop got pretty sentimental on Instagram. She shared a collection of photos and opened up about a big milestone for her son Saylor.

She explained: “I just need to have a little sentimental moment for a second. Saylor played his last 7th grade basketball game last night!!”

The caption of her photo was littered with sad and crying emojis.

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Eric has a precious moment with son, Courtney captures it

Courtney Waldrop managed to capture a pretty precious moment between her husband Eric and their son Saylor. The second photo featured Eric pulling Saylor into an embrace and planting a kiss on his head.

She penned in the caption as she explained the photo: “My favorite picture of all is the one of Eric kissing Saylor’s head right when he walked out of the locker room after the game.”

Her explanation was followed by a crying emoji before she continued to talk about why this particular photo was so special.

For Seven years Eric was Saylors basketball coach…Definitely some of the sweetest times!! So this year was a little different…”

Courtney concludes in this very emotional post: “But with all those sentimental Momma memories and moments I have to say that this has been an amazing Basketball Season!! We’ve seen Saylor’s confidence in himself grow tremendously!!”

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Courtney and Eric Waldrop devastated fans when they decided not to renew Sweet Home Sextuplets for another season with TLC. The parents, however, decided they wanted to get the cameras out of their lives. They, however, did promise to continue to drop updates on their family via social media. And, fans have really appreciated continuing to have windows into the lives of their children. So, they definitely loved getting to see this precious moment between Saylor and his father!

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What do you think about the precious moment Saylor and his father Eric Waldrop shared? Do you understand why it is Courtney’s favorite photo? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more TLC news!

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