Mady Gosselin Reflects On Gross Discomfort & Shame

Mady Gosselin from Instagram

The popular TLC show Jon & Kate Plus 8 has been off the air for quite some time. But that hasn’t stopped fans from wondering what happened to the children now that they’re all grown up. The twins, Cara and Mady Gosselin, turned 21 in October 2021.

Now that Mady is older, she’s had time to reflect on her life and representation in the media. On January 13, she chose to share a meaningful Instagram post in honor of Korean-American Day.

Mady Gosselin reflects on the lack of representation for non-white children

Mady Gosselin has Korean heritage through her father’s side of the family. And as many children of color know, it’s really hard not being represented in the media. To mark Korean-American Day, Mady shared her own experience growing up in a predominantly white-dominated world.

“today is korean-american day. i’m sharing this photo with you because this was taken on the morning before i got my first american girl doll,” the TLC star shared. “she was from the ‘look-alike’ line and i named her jordan. she did not look like me; she had blonde hair and blue eyes, by my choice. at the time, there wasn’t a doll from the line that looked like me, but more importantly, at 5, i chose a doll that reflected the way i thought i was suppose to look instead of the way i do.”

Mady Gosselin’s story is unique to her own experience, but many other children just like her struggle with the same feelings.

Mady Gosselin/Instagram

“looking back, this story fills me with a gross sort of discomfort and shame. having grown up 50/50 (white and korean), i was hyper aware of my ethnicity from a young age, but the transition from awareness to shame was a slow progression that i didn’t notice happening until i was much older,” she continued. “so i want to make it known that i’m so proud to celebrate being korean-american today. i’m proud to be a part of a community that has suffered through decades of ridicule and hate in this country (only made worse in the last 2 years) but have persevered through it powerfully and gracefully. i’m also proud that i make a kick ass kimchi !!”

The comments section was largely supportive of her story.

What is the young TLC star up to these days?

Now that Mady Gosselin is an adult, it seems like she’s doing her best to live a relatively normal life. Back in July, we reported that Mady seemed to throw shade at her parents for bringing her up in the limelight. On top of that, she didn’t receive adequate support for her ADHD diagnosis.

Now that she’s out on her own, Mady Gosselin’s fans hope that she is living her best life and is truly happy. Keep checking back with us for TLC updates. We’ll fill you in as soon as we know anything new!


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