Mady Gosselin Shades Jon & Kate, Reveals New Diagnosis

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Mady Gosselin served up some serious shade for her mother and father, Jon and Kate, on TikTok recently. According to OK! Magazine, the former TLC star took a bit of a dig at her parents while referencing her “extremely unconventional” childhood.

As we previously reported, Mady and her family have been off of the TLC network for a while now. But, that hasn’t stopped the spotlight from following them. Unfortunately, the following hasn’t always been great. In fact, turns out Mady has been the recipient of death threats recently. Mady Gosselin, however, is a big girl now. And, she hasn’t been afraid to clap back at trolls in the comments of her social media posts.

How exactly did Mady Gosselin throw shade at her parents? Keep reading, we’ll explain what happened.

Mady Gosselin shades Jon and Kate for ‘unconventional’ childhood

On July 20th, Mady Gosselin posted a video on TikTok. The video featured the song “Enough for u,” by Olivia Rodrigo. More specifically, the video featured these lyrics playing in the background: “maybe I’m just not as interesting as the girls you had before.”

Kate Plus 8 Goseelin Kids Youtube
Kate Plus 8 Youtube

The TikTok video displayed Mady Gosselin in bed. Her eyes were closed. Text flashed across the screen that said, “How I sleep knowing that I can’t relate to this lyric because I had an extremely unconventional childhood AND I have ADHD.”

In the caption of her TikTok video, Mady Gosselin seemingly took another dig at her parents and her childhood. Her caption read: “a little TOO interesting.”

As those who are familiar with Mady know, she grew up in a famous family that was part of a reality TV series on the TLC network. So, her childhood was anything but conventional as she regularly had microphones and cameras in her face growing up.

Kate Gosselin Mady Gosselin Cara Gosselin
Kate Gosselin Mady Gosselin Cara Gosselin/Youtube

Her ADHD diagnosis took her followers by surprise

Fans of the Gosselin family had NO idea Mady had ADHD. And, they were super interested to know more about this diagnosis. So, they proceeded to ask a lot of questions about it in the comments. For example, most wanted to know if this was a professional diagnosis.

One individual asked: “When were you diagnosed with ADHD? Or is this a self-diagnosis?”

Mady Gosselin responded to reassure her followers this was not a self-diagnosis situation. Turns out, Mady received a diagnosis of ADHD when she was a child.

What type of relationship Mady Gosselin has with her parents Jon and Kate at this point in time is unclear. But, fans of the show appreciate it when Mady feels compelled to serve up some tea about her family via social media. Did you know Mady Gosselin had ADHD? Are you surprised she’s throwing shade at her parents? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


Allie Johnson


  1. To put these poor kids into such a toxic environment is just horrendous. An overbearing mother, a father that did what he was told. Watching them on television was heart wrenching. and if the kids did something wrong the world would know. I understood money was the factor. Having so many children and already having little ones at home. I’m not surprised the kids have been diagnosed with various things. My best wishes Mady you come across as someone strong. Keep it going. You will be alright.

  2. Why does Jon always get excused for his behavior? Everyone climbs all over Kate for being bossy or too aggressive, yet she was the one to keep that household going while Jon sat back and let her do it. Not having the backbone to coparent and instead have affairs shouldn’t be okay.

    1. When he did stand up to her, he had hell to pay for it. You can argue with someone with her personality until the cows come home, but you will not win. Arguing with her would only get ugly and uglier.

    2. I feel like when they split and Jon moved out he did some really ridiculous things, VERY publicly. Prior to him moving out he seemed to provide some stability. Kate straight up belongs in jail for the things she did to Collin. Child abuse is a crime. If she hadn’t staged a sanitized version of herself and the kids CPS would have yanked those kids from the house. I’m not sure if Jon was aware of her abuse because it was revealed that she only did these things when he was at work and the kids were too little or too scared to tell him. He should have been paying closer attention though. They are both totally inept at parenting but Jon is the better of the two.

  3. Jon did not want to put in time with the kids. People may have not cared for Kate but all these kids needed discipline and structure or nothing would get done.Somebody needed to be responsible and productive and that was Kate.. Nothing would have got done. For sure all us woman would go a little bonkers with all these children but she loved her kids. Somebody had to step.up and that wasn’t Jon.period

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