Janelle Brown’s Mom Passes Away, Kody’s SELFISH Request?

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In the preview for the upcoming Sister Wives, Janelle Brown’s mother, Sheryl sadly passes away. As viewers may know, Kody has a connection to her as she was his father’s second wife. However, in a preview of the episode, a fight erupts over who can attend the funeral due to the pandemic. Will this make the tragedy even worse? Entertainment Tonight has a preview of what to expect when Janelle travels back to Wyoming to say goodbye.

Janelle Brown’s Strong Relationship With Her Mother

Viewers saw Sheryl on the show in the past. There was an episode where the Brown family went to the Wyoming ranch to visit Kody’s father. This is where they learned he had ultimately married Janelle’s mother and was in a plural relationship. It was unexpected but love happens. She was with him until he passed away. As Janelle explains in the clip, her mother had been battling cancer for some time.

Janelle Brown Credit: YouTube

She had wanted Sheryl to come to stay with her in Flagstaff. Unfortunately, by the time she was able to even consider this arrangement, her mom was too sick. Luckily, Janelle was able to make it to her mother’s side for the last few hours of her life. When she is at Sheryl’s home after her mother passed away, she admits it is very weird to know she is no longer alive. This occurred on December 7th so the big question was how would Kody handle the funeral and Christmas.

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Kody is driving to Wyoming and he is explaining how the family is related and such. He talks about how he was married to Meri but she knew Janelle first. Some may recall that Janelle was initially married to Meri’s brother before divorcing him and entering a union with Kody. Then it goes on to how his dad married Sheryl prior to him marrying Janelle. Finally, he starts on his COVID rules, restrictions, and who could attend the funeral.

Who Can Come To The Funeral?

Kody shares he told Meri and Robyn to not attend Janelle Brown’s mother’s funeral, in the ET preview. Christmas was almost upon them and the quarantine process was too close for comfort. He is scared they will be exposed to the virus. Robyn is deemed the easiest wife to communicate with. At this point, Kody feels the funeral is more important than Christmas.

Credit: Janelle Brown IG
Credit: Janelle Brown IG

It is not addressed how Janelle feels about not having her fellow sister wives in attendance with her. By now, she has told Kody how she feels about his rules and is clearly grieving. Interestingly enough, one viewer commented: “So he can go to the funeral but not his daughter’s surgery.” Interesting observation. Still, this is about Janelle and her heartbreak. On the one-year anniversary, which was also Sheryl’s birthday, Janelle posted a sweet tribute. It turns out Sheryl and Janelle’s youngest, Savanah shared a birthday.

She sees signs her mother is still with her. Meri lost her mother not too long after in early 2021. Do you think Kody was right to tell the other wives to stay behind? Let us know and watch Sister Wives every Sunday on TLC.

Amanda Lauren


    1. I think Kody was probably always an ass, but was so busy with so many kids and households that it was not as evident as it is now. Of course, Kody will blame Christine for his missing his daughter’s surgery, or he will come up with some other excuse. I do not understand how a funeral trumps a daughter’s surgery! That poor girl will remember and hurt for the rest of her life that her dad was not there for her!
      Kody never wants to take responsibility for his words or actions. Kody always tries to turn things around to make it look like it is someone else’s fault. Kody can be very charming and charismatic as long as everything is going his way! Otherwise, watch out!

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