Janelle Brown Of ‘Sister Wives’ Opens Up About Mother’s Death

Janelle, Maddie and Mom, Sheryl Mother's Day

Fans of Sister Wives are sending thoughts and well wishes to Janelle Brown today after she revealed the loss of her mother Sheryl on Twitter.

Janelle Brown Tweets About Losing Her Mom

Janelle Brown and her children have lost a beloved member of their family. Sheryl Brown, formerly Sheryl Usher — passed away a week ago today. Brown took to Twitter today to update fans and let them know what was going on.

“My sweet mother has passed. I’m not sure you ever completely expect it, even though they have been sick for a while.”

In her post, Janelle alludes to the fact that her mother, Sheryl, had been sick for some time.

Janelle Brown's Mom, Janelle Brown Twitter Post

Janelle Brown and Sister Cherish Mom’s Last Moments

Sheryl Brown, formerly Sheryl Usher spent her last days in care at a hospice facility. Through Janelle’s post, we know that she and her sister, Carrie were able to spend their mom’s last moments with her, sending her off surrounded by love. According to Brown’s Instagram post from early Monday – Sheryl passed a week ago today. It seems that Janelle and her family chose to keep the passing private, at least for a while. The family likely used this time to make arrangements and grieve privately.

Keeping It in the Family

While Sheryl wasn’t heavily featured on the show, she has been a part of Kody Brown’s family for quite some time. In fact, many people don’t know that while Sheryl is Janelle’s mom – and Janelle is Kody’s second wife — Sheryl is also related to Kody in another way!

Until his death in 2013, Sheryl was married to Kody’s late father, Winn Brown, also a polygamist. In an article from InTouch Weekly, Brown revealed that she was friends with her husband’s family long before she married in. During this time, her mother, Sheryl was concerned about her ‘being sucked in’ to a cult and wanted to meet the people her daughter was spending time with. Janelle’s mom ended up meeting and falling in love with Kody’s father. The pair married long before Janelle and Kody said their “I dos”. So, this actually means they were step-siblings before they were husband and wife.

Janelle, Maddie and Mom, Sheryl Mother's Day

Brown Says She is Grateful for the Time

While the loss of her mother has been devastating, Brown has put on a brave face for the public. In both her Twitter and Instagram posts, the 51-year-old says that she is grateful that despite restrictions and the pandemic that she and her sister were both able to be there with their mom at the end. Her tone alludes that some obstacles were moved to make this happen. She says,

“I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for the many small miracles that happened that allowed my sister and I to be with her at the end.”

The long-time TLC personality says while they miss Sheryl, their religion promotes the “eternal nature of families.” She closed the post with a heartfelt, “see you again, Mom.”

She then added a quote from her daughter Maddie Brown’s recent social media post.

“Here is to strong women, who raise strong women, who raise strong women.”

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